Gas Specialist Training Courses at Edinburgh College
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Gas Specialist Training Courses
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Flexible Workforce Development Fund 2018-19   
Apply for up to £15,000 worth of training with Edinburgh College

Edinburgh College’s Midlothian Campus at Eskbank is the largest training centre for domestic plumbing & gas in Edinburgh and the Southeast of Scotland.

Gas Safe and BPEC accredited training is carried out in our modern well-equipped facility with a relaxed and friendly environment allowing you to achieve the qualifications needed to work in the gas industry.



CourseDays in College      Price       Total
CCN1 Training
3 Days
CCN1 Assessment2 Days
CENWAT 1 - Training0.5 Days
CENWAT 1 - Assessment0.5 Days £60
HTR 1 - Training0.5 Days£60£120
 HTR 1 - Assessment0.5 Days£60
CKR 1 - Training0.5 Days£60£120
CKR 1 - Assessment0.5 Days£60
CCN1 Plus 3 Appliances 
Training & Assessment
5 Days
Additional Time/2nd Attempt-£60-

CourseDays in College                                     Price       Cost Including Training Materials
CCN1 Re-assessment Training
2 Days
CCN1 Re-assessment Assessment2 Days
CCN1 Re-assessment Training Plus 3 Appliances2.5 Days
 CCN1 Re-assessment Assessment Plus 3 Appliances2.5 Days £450
CCN1 Re-assessment Training Plus 2 Appliances2.5 Days£425£750
 CCN1 Re-assessment Assessment Plus 2 Appliances2.5 Days£425
CCN1 Re-assessment Training Plus 1 Appliances2.5 Days£400£700
CCN1 Re-assessment Assessment Plus 1 Appliances2.5 Days£400
Appliance Re-assessment
0.5 Days-£80

It is advised that you renew your gas qualifications every five years to refresh your knowledge on safety legislation and the latest equipment to make sure you are fully covered to perform your job.

Domestic gas workers must achieve the basic CCN1 qualification which qualifies you to work in the industry. After completing the CCN1 course you can go on to develop your knowledge in specialist gas areas allowing you to carry out a wider variety of jobs.

Although we provide Gas courses we also create customised Gas training programmes tailored to business requirements. Please complete the customised training form on this page if you wish to discuss creating a tailored training programme for your employees. 

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