5 Reasons why students study at Edinburgh College (and why you should too)

From school leavers to adult returners, our students study courses at Edinburgh College as part of a journey towards their goal. Here are the top 5 reasons why college is often a stop along the way.

It’s a pathway to university

College offers courses that act as a stepping stone to university from school. Some courses will let you join in the 3rd year of university depending on the grades you get on your college HND.

Our SWAP programmes are designed for adults to get back into education in order to apply for university. If you don’t feel ready just yet to jump back into the world of essays and exams, SWAP courses are a great option.

You can go straight into employment

Apprenticeships are one option that students can take to do this. We have Foundation Apprenticeships which are designed for S4-S6 school pupils who can study for a qualification and get valuable work experience, all whilst still at school. Our Modern Apprenticeships are for those who have left school and are looking to learn at college while they are employed.

A lot of full-time college courses also include work experience while you study giving you loads of experience before you graduate. Other students leave college to do internships, giving them the experience they need to bag that full-time job. Some students graduate from college and go straight into their dream career.

You can try subjects before you commit

Some courses cover a whole range of subjects, meaning you can find out what you like before you specialise at a university or in the workplace. For instance, our Social Science courses incorporate History, Geography, Sociology, Psychology and more. If you study Social Science, you could go on to do any one of those at a university.

You can progress in your career

We offer a range of qualifications that can help you to progress professionally. For example, if you are a childcare practitioner, with our PDA Childhood Practice course you could gain the qualification you need to progress to managerial level. Or if you are in the tech industry, maybe a qualification in Cisco is the edge you need for that new job.

Get that Higher you never got at school

You can study National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher courses in a range of subjects here. So if you aced Higher Music back when you were an aspiring musician, then a Maths qualification might help you get back into education to study Finance. Or if you didn’t quite pass a Higher you needed at school, then you can come to college to ace it instead.

See all courses at edinburghcollege.ac.uk/courses. If you have any questions, email coursinfo@edinburghcollege.ac.uk or call 0131 669 4400.