Adult Returners at Edinburgh College

Whether you left school a couple of years ago, or your school days are a distant memory, coming to college to study something new isn’t out of the ordinary. In the year 2017/2018, 55% of our students were aged 20+ (Edinburgh College, 2018), showing that college isn’t just for school leavers. With over 700 courses, with many part-time and evening options available, it’s now an accessible option for full-time parents and full-time workers alike.

College is for everyone

One example of a student who demonstrates that education isn’t just for teenagers is 50 year old student Alan Smith. Alan came to college to complete a two-year apprenticeship in partnership with his employer. Alan says: “Coming to college at the age I did was daunting. It was a challenge but I have really enjoyed it all”. 23% of our Built Environment students are aged 25 and older, showing that it’s never too late to learn something new.

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Change your career

Many adult returners come to college to change their career after working in a completely different industry. One example is Sebastian, who came to college to study HND Human Resource Management after working in hospitality. Sebastian also demonstrated the flexibility that college offers as he continued to work whilst he studied, with support from his lecturers Lorna, Valerie and Jane. Sebastian was one of 44% of Professional Cookery and Hospitality students over the age of 25.

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Work on a new challenge

Some students might come to college for a new challenge, which is exactly what happened to mum-of-three Jenny Anderson. Jenny took time out from studying to raise her children, and decided to get back into education by studying HNC Social Science. Jenny said: “Having spent years looking after my children it was always going to be a challenge fitting 3 kids around studying, but having learnt a good study ethic, putting my social life on hold for a while, and having an amazing partner who supported and encouraged me along the way, was key to achieving my goals”.

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These fantastic students, with support from friends, family and lecturers, have showed that learning doesn’t finish when you leave school. Life can get in the way, interests can change, and you might just find that college is the next step for you.