Spaces still available for aspiring classroom assistants

Education Support Assistance is taught at our Sighthill and Midlothian campuses. Here are some reasons why students choose to study this course.

For any age, any background

The age range of students in this class varies from 18 to 55, male and female. If you think that college has passed you by, think again. Many of our students are adult returners who are looking for a career change.

Pathway to teaching

If you’re thinking of eventually getting into primary teaching, working in a school is the best way to collect the experience you need to apply for university.

Opportunity to go on work placement

By going on work placement while you study you get to experience what the career is like before qualifying.

It’s a varied career

Supporting teaching staff can mean supervising a class on tasks given out by the teacher or spending time one-on-one helping children with additional support needs.

Spaces are still available for this course. Find out more on the course page and apply to start in January.