Courses at Edinburgh College that you wouldn’t expect

Got a pal that can cook up a storm? There’s a course at Edinburgh College for that. Your uncle wants to do an evening course in car mechanics? Edinburgh College does that too. But did you know that your cousin, with her steampunk style, your brother who dreams of travelling the world and your Nan who loves arts and crafts all have a course that is absolutely perfect for them?!

There are a range of courses you can do here which you wouldn’t expect to see. Here are just a few of them.

Cosplay – Making Accessories and Props

If you are interested in cosplay, steampunk, amateur theatre, themed parties or extreme fashion, this evening course is for you. Learn basic skills and knowledge required to create patterns and cut, stack, sculpt, decorate and paint your own pieces. Read more.

Organising Sporting Events

Looking to organise the next world cup? Our Organising Sporting Events course could be the course that kickstarts an exciting career for you. Find out more about it.

Corsetry for Burlesque, Steampunk and Fashion

If you are into steampunk, burlesque, costume-wear of fancy yourself a bit of a fashionista, this course can teach you everything you need to know about creating garments and accessories yourself. View the course info.


For all the IT nerds out there, this course helps you get ahead in the world of tech. CompTIA A+ is an industry-renowned qualification and is ideal if you would like to learn to diagnose computer problems, repair, configure and install computer hardware and operating systems. Apply here for January start.

Introduction to Cabin Crew

Ever looked at cabin crew on a flight and wondered how they trained up to get there? With our simulated aircraft cabin and expert aircraft attendants/lecturers, that could be you doing those pre-flight demonstrations! Read more about it.

Needle Felted Sculpture

Interested in taking up a new hobby? Needle felting as an art is gaining popularity and recognition. Needle felting is a dry method and is just a technique to apply to sculpting. Special needles penetrate the wool and tangle upper fibers to inner fibers producing sculptural models and artifacts in a three-dimensional solid form. Find out more.

Robotics and Control System Engineering

If you’re interested in diving into the world of STEM with a futuristic career, then robotics is for you. Robotics and Control System Engineering will give you the broad practical skills base you’ll need in programming robotic systems and computer aided control. Read the full course description.