Edinburgh College turns Five! What was happening in October 2012?

Edinburgh College has turned five! Where did the time go? This week marks five years since Stevenson, Telford and Jewel and Esk colleges merged to become Edinburgh College.

It’s only natural that at this kind of milestone we reflect on what’s happened over the college’s lifetime, and how the world has changed. It’s only five years but, looking back, October 2012 feels like a lifetime ago. Join us for a walk down memory lane as we look back at what was happening when Edinburgh College was born…


You might remember the calming beauty of a plaintive ballad called Gangnam Style taking grip of the world and not really letting go. South Korean musical genius Psy was toppled from the top of the charts by Rihanna’s Diamonds but, really, who remembers that? Gangnam Style is, of course, now a timeless classic (er, sort of) but if Psy had realised this would be the end result, would he have kept it to himself? We hope so:


Liam Neeson topped the UK box office with Taken 2, a romantic comedy involving a love triangle between his lovelorn hero Bryan Mills and fellow admirers of his wife. Well, by ‘love triangle’ we mean ‘astonishingly violent feud’ and by ‘fellow admirers’ we mean ‘grizzled rent-a-baddies and stereotypical henchmen’.



John Whaite won the third series of The Great British Bake Off, which has since cemented its status as the country’s main comfort blanket throughout the subsequent few years of national and international strife. Who can forget Paul Hollywood having to spit out a rum baba after John put salt in instead of sugar by mistake? It’s the Del Boy falling through the bar of the baking world.


October 2012 saw the introduction of the iPad Mini to the Apple family! Not that memorable really but pretty handy all the same. At least until everyone moved on from it pretty swiftly.

Not one for being outshone, Microsoft launched Windows 8 and their Surface devices meaning working on the go became easier than ever.

Elsewhere, the BBC pulled the plug on its Ceefax information service after 28 years. What’s Ceefax, you say? Well, for anyone not old enough to remember, think of a really slow internet based entirely in blocky text. It may look bafflingly outdated now but we promise that nothing – but nothing – was as tense as watching an entire football match played out using only the names of the teams and the scoreline, which would typically update about 30 minutes after any goal was scored. Those were the days.

Global events

The European Union won the Nobel Peace Prize, ushering in a golden era for harmony in Europe. That definitely happened, didn’t it?!?

Moving on and after what seemed like endless delays, Felix Baumgartner’s 128,100-foot jump was on. The daredevil broke records (and the sound barrier) for the highest-ever manned balloon flight as well as speed and altitude records for a free fall. Yikes!


Then-UK Prime Minister David Cameron signed the Edinburgh Agreement alongside Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond, which sealed the terms of the upcoming independence referendum – cue a lot of debates around the dinner tables and pubs of our country and loads of ayes and naws for the next two years.


Social media

Social media is arguably more vital now than ever and in October 2012 people were really beginning to use platforms like Twitter to voice their opinion on the hot topics of the day. For example, October 2012 witnessed a US Presidential debate in Denver, Colorado that would become the then-most-Tweeted event in US political history, generating 10.3 million tweets in 90 minutes! A short time later Barack Obama would win the election and take office for his second term. And since then, US politics has been pretty uneventful, really.

Obama out!


Sport in October 2012 was a bit of a snooze. We were just coming down from the high of the London 2012 Olympics and most mainstream sports were in the early stages of their season. The month did see the Scotland men’s national football team lose to Wales and Belgium as another quest to reach a major footballing championship ended in misery. Not much excitement but in some ways the qualification failure was as comforting as a favourite pair of slippers.

Still with the women’s team reaching a major finals for the first time and the men still in the running to qualify for the Russia World Cup in 2018 there’s more optimism in the air these days. Glorious failure incoming.