Exam results – contact the college

Following your exam results, if you need to contact the College then here are the contact details you will need.

Got a question about your course or want to change your course application?

  1. Come along to the Course Clearing Event. Find out about it on the website.
  2. Read our guide on how to change your application on the blog.

Not sure what course to apply for?

  1. Check our list of Clearing Courses on the website.
  2. Come along to the course clearing event. Find out about the event on the website.
  3. Read our blog posts about the different subjects available at Edinburgh College.
  4. Email courseinfo@edinburghcollege.ac.uk if you need further guidance.

Want more information about our clearing event?

  1. Find out what the Course Clearing Event is about on the Events page.
  2. If you have further questions then email marketingteam@edinburghcollege.ac.uk.

Need help with your funding or fees?

  1. Check out the funding section of our website for information.
  2. If you have further questions then email studentfunding@edinburghcollege.ac.uk.

Want to talk to someone about your learning support?

  1. Email learning.support@edinburghcollege.ac.uk.

Want to find out more about accommodation?

  1. Check out the accommodation section of our website for information.
  2. Emails our Halls of Residence directly:

MILTON ROAD – accommodation.MIL@edinburghcollege.ac.uk​​.

GRANTON – am-etc@crm-students.com.