SQA Exam Results Day


Tuesday 8 August marks SQA Exam Results Day, causing many of you around the country to anxiously wait for the postman to hand deliver that massive envelope or wait for that email or message to appear after refreshing your webpage for the 100th time!

At Edinburgh College we are here to tell you that there is no need to fear no matter what the result. There is always a unique path for everyone, as we are not all the same! No matter what your exam results are or where you are studying you can achieve whatever you wish.

You may be thinking it’s easier said than done, how can I stay calm while waiting for these results?

Well here at Edinburgh College we have enlisted one of our own students Rhys to help illustrate #6 Tips on how to survive Exam Results Day!

TIP #1 – Don’t Panic! 😨

  • DON’T PANIC – you won’t make the right decision when you are panicking. There are lots of options – don’t worry. We can help discuss your opportunities.
    Contact our course information team (0131 669 440 or courseinfo@edinburghcollege.ac.uk) to chat to someone. Whatever your goal we can help you get there!


TIP #2 – Do Your Research 💻

  • DO YOUR RESEARCH – have a look at the Edinburgh College website, SQA website and think of the subjects you want to study. Most courses are typically a year, so you want to learn something you are interested in. Why not use our career coach on our website to find out what courses suit your personality and goals?


TIP #3 – Seek Advice 👀

  • SEEK ADVICE – come and talk to the team at Edinburgh College or your careers/guidance teacher at school. Get advice from the people closest to you who know you best. Your parents and older family friends have been through it before so can offer you some great advice and support.


TIP #4 – Not A Back Up Choice! 👍

  • COLLEGE ISN’T A BACK UP CHOICE – We are one of the largest colleges in the UK and we have over 700 courses in 32 subject areas that can prepare you for university, work or an apprenticeship. If you think it’s a second choice, think again – college is for everyone!


TIP #5 – Don’t Worry About Your Friends 😟

  • DON’T WORRY ABOUT YOUR FRIENDS – your friends may be going to uni or got a fantastic job but everyone is different. Choose what is right for you. Most of our courses have progression onto university so you can do a couple of years at college and catch up with your friends at uni and graduate with them!


TIP #6 – Keep Busy 🏃

  • KEEP BUSY – although your exam results may be the only thing on your brain and keeping you awake at night, distracting yourself is a great way to reduce stress and keep you sane. Find a part time job, join the gym and keep active, go bowling and hang out with friends, anything to keep your mind off stressing about exam results.



Come to our Exam Drop-In Surgery, Thursday 10 August, we can talk over your options, give you advice and fast track your application onto a course the same day (SQA Certificate Required).


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