Jobs with the best satisfaction

With work satisfaction and culture becoming more important to employees than salary, we’ve looked into what jobs have been rated the best for employee satisfaction. Discover what job best suits your personality and how the College can help you get there.

Construction Manager

A construction manager is responsible for overseeing building projects and major contracts. Ensuring the company is complying with safety regulations, adhering to strict timeframes and budgets. The manager works with a variety of people including architects and surveyors.

What qualities do I need for this job?

Construction managers need to be good communicators, strong leaders, team players and able to take initiative.

What course can I do?

Aspiring construction managers can start on one of the College’s Construction Trades courses, with opportunities to progress onto apprenticeships to gain real-life work experience.

Data Scientist

A data scientist extracts, analyses and interprets data to help businesses solve problems. Data can come from a range of sources such as artificial intelligence and data mining.

What qualities do I need for this job?

Data scientists need to be analytical, logical thinkers, good communicators and competent at maths.

What course can I do?

To get you started in data science you can study HNC Computer Science.

Financial Manager

A financial manager works with clients, helping them to plan, organise, direct and co-ordinate financial plans. Managers also advise on strategic business plans, assessing implications for the financial aspects of the organisation.

What qualities do I need for this job?

A financial manager must be a good communicator, organised, motivated and able to problem solve.

What course can I do?

To get you started in financial services you can study Accounting HND.

HR Manager

HR Managers are responsible for employing new staff, overseeing the monitoring of employee performance, determining staffing needs and developing policies.

What qualities do I need for this job?

HR managers need to be self-motivated, personable and enjoy working with others.

What course can I do?

At Edinburgh College you can study Human Resource Management HND.

Product Designer

A product designer can create everything from mobile phones to equipment and machinery. They prepare sketches, designs, patterns or prototypes for clients, making any necessary alterations where required.

What qualities do I need for this job?

Product designers need a high degree of technical knowledge, be able to think creatively and have a passion for design.

What course can I do?

Aspiring product designers can start with a design course at Edinburgh College.

Software Developer

Software developers write code for specialist programming, test and correct software programs, develop user interfaces, and examine and determine requirements for systems.

What qualities do I need for this job?

Software developers need to be logical thinkers, good at problem solving, competent at maths and creative.

What course can I do?

There are a few courses at Edinburgh College for aspiring developers, including Software Development and Digital Design NPA, Software Development and Web NPA, and Software Development HND.

For more information about the jobs above, or to get some inspiration, visit Edinburgh College Career Coach.

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