Why study Outside Broadcasting PDA

To prepare you for a career in television, a Professional Development Award (PDA) in Outside Broadcasting in a Multi-Camera Production could be what you need to get your foot in the door.

Why do a PDA?

A PDA is designed for the industry, to extend your skills for the job you want to do. With this course, it is designed to give you the skills in film production needed to become a Camera Assistant, Sound Assistant, Runner, Production Assistant, Editing Assistant, and so on. PDA courses are created in collaboration with the industry. This qualification was designed by the SQA in conjunction with the host broadcaster for the Commonwealth Games 2014. Therefore, if you want a qualification that is not only recognised by the broadcast industry, but is created by the industry, then a PDA is a great choice.

Why study PDA Outside Broadcasting?

The PDA will develop your skills in rigging, cabling, replay operation and encoding for live webcast using cameras out in the field for commercial clients. Curriculum Manager, Marjory Crooks, says “this direct experience offers [our students] a deeper understanding of the many roles within the industry, clients’ demands, expectations and deadlines. Students have a wide choice of shoots all of which are live projects and most are paid work. This course gives students the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence to work directly with and for clients in a commercial environment.”

Don’t just take our word for it – current PDA Outside Broadcasting student Tom Duda says that what he likes about the course is the real projects, real clients, money and independence:

“This course is 100% focused on the practical side and allows you to work for a real client, for real money. The PDA Outside Broadcasting course and the college support you but don’t control you. Personally, I absolutely love that kind of independence. You are independent in your work and can feel more like a freelancer than the student.”

What can I do after?

As well as giving you the skills for employment in the industry, from this course you could potentially progress on to 3rd year of a relevant degree programme.

Marjory says, “At the end of the course students have a CV which will enable them to easily gain employed in the industry and or set up in their own production company”. Just one option for our many talented graduates.

Apply now.