School leavers – why choose college

Here are some stories from our students on why college was the right choice for them.

College helps you reach your career goals

If you are one of those people who has always known what they wanted to do, then college could be the best place to get the skills and qualifications you need to jump right into your dream job. Take Erin Mclean for example, an automotive student who was inspired by her family to work towards a career as a mechanic. Erin’s grandfather taught her from a young age about restoring cars, and her interest has grown ever since. Erin says, “I decided to move to Edinburgh as the course was exactly what I was looking for. Since then, I’ve realised how different college is from school. To me it’s a more relaxed atmosphere which has allowed me to get lots of work done”. With an IMI Level 2 in Light Maintenance and Repair almost under her belt, Erin is now working towards finding her dream job.

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Real-life work experience for your CV

Another example is 18 year old Morgan, who came to college to study NC Legal Services after leaving school. After talking with her family, Morgan decided that college was the best place for her and has since developed great belief and confidence in herself. Morgan is currently working at a law firm as part of a work placement, and hopes to be kept on full-time after her studies have finished. Morgan said “I wasn’t sure at first about what I wanted to do in life but when I read about the Legal Services course I felt like Edinburgh College was the right choice”.

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Work on practical projects for your portfolio

A reason why so many students come to college is for the practical elements that our courses offer. Niamh Curran is an example of a student who came to college from school after not knowing what course was right for her. Niamh said “At school I wanted to do something creative but I wasn’t sure what courses were available and what I needed to do to get into them. I realised that college would be the best choice for me as it’s really practical and that’s how I like to work.” Since starting her course, Niamh and friend Holly have started a project to help Art & Design high school pupils understand what careers and courses are available in the creative industries.

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Whatever your background or your interests, coming to college after school can give you the tools you need for your next steps. These students each have a unique reason for coming to college, and their experiences here have helped to shape their interests and goals.

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