What is Scottish Apprenticeship Week?

James Prentice – Head of Communications and Marketing, Skills Development Scotland (SDS)

Scottish Apprenticeship Week is an annual campaign designed to celebrate the achievements of Scotland’s apprentices and their employers.

Every year, employers, learning providers and apprentices across the country get behind Scottish Apprenticeship Week by hosting a range of events and activities to celebrate the benefits of work-based learning.

Apprenticeships offer employers a unique opportunity to invest in and develop the skills their business needs for the future.

Investing in apprenticeships means employers growing a genuine talent pipeline for their business, rather than buying skills ‘off the shelf’.

Evidence from around the world tells us that countries with well-developed work-based learning systems have more productive, more resilient economies and lower youth unemployment.

That’s the reason that Skills Development Scotland (SDS) is working with a wide range of partners, including Scotland’s colleges, to meet the Scottish Government’s ambitious plans for the expansion of Scottish apprenticeships at all levels.

Scottish Apprenticeship Week – Skills for the Future

This expansion is celebrated through Scottish Apprenticeship Week – the annual campaign designed to raise awareness of apprenticeships and the benefits of work-based learning.

This year’s theme is ‘Skills for the Future’ which recognises the importance of investing in our workforce.

The week has grown year on year thanks to the backing of campaign partners such as councils, industry, learning providers, schools and employers who back the week and encourage many more employers to take on apprentices.

This year’s campaign is set to be even bigger than ever, with over 200 events set to take place across Scotland during the week.

The majority of Scottish Minister and MSPs are scheduled to show their backing for the campaign by meeting employers and apprentices.

We’re working in partnership with DYW Groups across Scotland on Scotland’s Biggest Parents Evening – a coordinated events programme designed to engage more parents in the campaign.

We’re also launching a new social media campaign designed to celebrate the role of trainers, instructors and mentors in the workplace.


Things are changing, but we know that apprenticeships and other forms of work-based learning are still often seen as a second best to other forms of learning.

We want to celebrate the reality that the experts who actually do a job can be some of the best people to learn from.

To do that, we’re encouraging everyone involved in Scottish Apprenticeships – apprentices, former apprentices, instructors, employers, SDS staff, partners and stakeholders – to take five minutes to thank someone that has supported their development at work, using the hashtag #HereBecauseOf

The apprenticeship.scot 2019 campaign page includes a toolkit to get involved in #ScotAppWeek, including a guide to participate in the #HereBecauseOf social media campaign.