Sighthill Gym – Benefits of a Membership

Getting your workout in whilst you’re studying can be challenging, especially when classes are all day, you have group projects to manage and you have work in the evening. The Centre for Sport and Fitness at Sighthill has a gym which is open to students, so you can fit your workout in around your classes. Here are some benefits of the gym and details on how to apply for a membership.

Not at Sighthill? Check out information for Granton’s gym or The Club at Milton Road.

Gym inductions

If you’re new to the gym or just need some guidance before kick-starting your workout, get in touch with staff who can give you an induction at the gym. Email to express your interest.

New CV equipment

For 2018-2019, staff have been busy installing new cardiovascular equipment into the gym.

Circuit classes available

Circuit training is a high intensity workout for strength building and toning. Classes are adaptable for your skill level, and the staff are happy to provide you with guidance. Talk to a staff member at the gym to find out more.

Personalised training programmes

Staff are on hand to help you reach your goals. Reach out to a staff member and they will talk you through the programmes they can provide.

Open before and after class

Get your workout done in the morning, or to wind down after class. The gym is typically closed whilst classes are in session.

Head to the College Gyms page of the website for more information and to download an application form. You can send this form to