Still at school – courses available to you

Are you still at school and thinking about what you are going to do after? It may be an easy choice for some people but for most of us it is a big choice and exercise in understanding what we like the most, what we are the best at and what we can see ourselves doing. Edinburgh College provides a range of courses to school pupils, helping you make your decision for the future.

School College Partnership (SCP) Courses

Study an SCP course at college a couple of afternoons a week (typically) combining school and college study with practical skills training. This allows you to get a taster of a subject with only a year’s commitment. On successful completion of these courses you will gain a qualification and have the entry requirements necessary to enter one of the college’s related full-time courses.

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Academies combine school, college and university study. You will benefit from enhanced employability with work experience too.

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Foundation Apprenticeships (FAs)

You will attend college on a part-time basis alongside a work placement with an employer. These courses are designed for senior phase pupils (S5–S6). This gives you the work experience and interaction with a real world employer. FAs are assessed on your practical skills meaning that there are no written exams to worry about.

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