Travelling to college – How to get to your campus

How you get to college is an important part of your day – and the method you use can have a big impact on your finances, your health, and your environmental footprint. Here are some useful tips on the best ways to get to college.

Walk, cycle or use public transport

The best method will depend on which campus you’re based at and where you live. We would always encourage you to walk, cycle, or use public transport instead of driving wherever possible – these modes of travel are better for your health and the environment, and nearly always cheaper too! There are a wide variety of resources you can use to help plan your journey, including:

  • CycleStreets for planning cycling and walking routes (offers an option for quiet routes that divert you away from main roads)
  • Lothian Buses journey planner for planning bus travel
  • Traveline Journey Planner for route planning across multiple transport methods
  • Scotrail for planning train journeys

If you cycle to campus, there is secure cycle storage on all Edinburgh College campuses. To get access to these storage areas, you will need to send an email to expressing your interest. Every secure store has bike tools available nearby, and showers are also available at each campus.. There will also be free Dr Bike sessions at all Freshers days where you can bring your bike to have a checkup.

If you are using Lothian Buses or Edinburgh Trams to get to college, they have a phone app (Transport for Edinburgh) which lets you plan your route, as well as track the progress of your bus/tram. There are also printed copies of relevant route maps for all campuses at or near the main entrance to every building. If you anticipate using the bus on a regular basis, it may be worth buying a Ridacard. These can be set up through Lothian Buses Travelshops, located on Hanover Street and Waverley Bridge. There will also be an opportunity to set up a Ridacard at your campuses Freshers day.

Take the car

If driving to campus feels like your only option, we would urge you to consider lift sharing with other people in your class. This alternative allows you to split the price of fuel with all those coming to campus in the same car, whilst helping to reduce your travel-related carbon emissions.

Need more help or information?

This year, the Edinburgh College Students’ Association (ECSA) has been awarded funding by the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) to promote low carbon travel options, and raise climate change awareness. ECSA can give you support and advice on the best way to travel to college, as well as opportunities to get involved and gain experience through voluntary and paid part-time positions.

Claire and Alex are the college’s Low Carbon Travel Officers. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them at, and they can give you further support on planning your journey to college.