Web development

If you are looking to develop skills needed to work in web development and associated technologies then HND Web Development is the course for you. If you’re not convinced yet, here are our top 5 reasons why you should apply now.

1) University progression

After studying this two year HND course, you can continue onto 3rd year at Edinburgh Napier University. In 3 years time you could have a degree!

2) Internship opportunities

In the past, students have taken on internships at companies such as Escrivo, Calibre, Digital Boutique, X-Design and Starbit Web Development.

3) Associate degree provision

We are offering a new associate degree provision starting from year 2, guaranteeing students a place on BSc Web Development at Edinburgh Napier University.

4) Flexibility at work

A career in Web Development gives you the potential to work from home or set up your own business.

5) Flexibility at college

The course itself offers flexibility – full-time is only 3 days per week so is achievable around other commitments such as work and childcare.

Convinced yet? Visit the course page to find out more and to apply.