SCQF Level 7
Community Based ESOL and Modern Languages

Course Overview

Gaelic Advanced Higher is designed to develop your knowledge and skills in the Gaelic language. You will be exposed to the language over a length of time in order to acquire greater fluency, flexibility and accuracy. This course will expand on what you have previously studied and focus on developing your ability to understand and express ideas and opinions in Gaelic as you learn about current affairs and issues from the viewpoint of those living in other countries than your own. The course will improve your ability to read, listen, talk and write in Gaelic allowing you to understand and use a modern language. Grammar aspects will be studied and you will research and analyse at least two literature or media sources of your choice within the context of the Gaelic language and produce a portfolio, consisting of one piece of writing in English of between 1,200 and 1,500 words. You will develop valuable translation skills and be in a great position to study the language further at a university level. 


What You Will Learn
  • Develop Skills in Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking within the four Contexts of Society; Learning, Employability and Culture
  • Translation Skills
  • Essay Writing Skills and Analytical Skills

Entry Requirements
  • Higher Gaelic
English Proficiency Requirements
  • IELTS 5.5
How the course is assessed

You will be assessed through the Advanced Higher SQA exam, which will take place in May at College. The speaking component is also assessed at College, but earlier in the year (usually in March).

Progression And Articulation Routes
  • Further study in modern languages or related areas 
  • Alongside other qualifications you can apply for various university degrees 
    Career Opportunities

    Higher Gaelic With further study you gain employment in the following: 

    • Tourism officer 
    • Teacher 
    • Interpreter 
    • International relations 
    • International business 
    Number Of Days Per Week
    • This course runs for a total of 36 weeks and takes place on one evening every week (day to be confirmed, as it is decided to suit as many people as possible), location to be confirmed
    Course Cost And Funding Options
    Student Stories

    Rory Whyte is 29 years old and lives in Dundee. Rory decided to come to Edinburgh College as it was the closest college to him that offered the Highers he needs to go to university. After a successful year, Rory was awarded the Student of the Year Travel, Tourism & Modern Languages Award at this year’s Prize Giving ceremony. We caught up with him and asked about his experience at Edinburgh College. 


    “I’ve worked extremely hard this year and it means a lot that the College has taken notice. Nowhere in Dundee offered Higher Spanish outside of High School, and I needed an A at Higher for my university application. I did look at other options but, ultimately, I was attracted by Edinburgh’s reputation and facilities. 


    Thanks to the kind recommendation on the part of my Gaelic tutor at the College, I’ve been lucky enough to receive a conditional offer to study Interpreting with French and Gaelic at Heriot-Watt University. Languages have become my passion, and interpreting has been my goal since returning to education.” 


    Read more of our student stories here

    Start Date and Time


    This course will start on…
    • Tuesday 31/08/2021
    End Date


    This course will end on...
    • Friday 17/06/2022
    Course Delivery
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    OUTREACH x x
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    Courses may be subject to alteration or cancellation

    Higher and National 5 Timetable
    Applying for Higher and National 5s

    Online applications for Advanced Higher/Higher/National 5 courses can be made via enrolment events. All applicants who meet the entry requirements following exam results will be guaranteed a place. 

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