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Music & Sound Production

Course Overview

** Course subject to validation **

Our BA (Hons) top-up degree, validated by Kingston University London, is delivered over one year, as opposed to the two years typically required in Scotland .This new and innovative programme is designed to enable you to explore and specialise in a variety of areas in the music business (artist management, record label management, marketing and PR, touring and live events, digital content creation and artist development) 

Through a range of individual supervision, lectures and seminars from music industry professionals you will realise individual and collaborative professional projects in your specialist area, equipping you with the skills and knowledge required to create your own brand or business and maximise your employability in the industry

In realising your own projects, you will have a lot of opportunities to collaborate and build your network by drawing on the huge range of venues and organisations in the capital city and further afield through our large network of industry partners. In addition, you will be able to draw on our 600+ music, sound and music business students and our wider creative industry faculty which includes over 3500 students studying broadcast media, computing, photography, art & design, and performing arts to achieve ambitious creative projects and build your creative network

As one of the largest music and sound productions schools in Scotland you will benefit from our world-class facilities across two campuses including two 125+ seat auditoriums, more than ten studios with SSL AWS 900 and TOFT consoles, over 100 fully equipped brand-new Mac workstations, and fully equipped rehearsals rooms, all bookable by our degree students.  You will also be able to book a range of equipment including high-quality microphones, recording devices, instruments, and have access to all industry-standard audio and video editing software

Employability and the transferrable skills required to succeed in a rapidly changing industry are at the core of the programme. From drawing on a wide range of industry partners, and stakeholders we know the industry requires agile, confident and innovate graduates who collaborate and understand the global context of the music and entertainment industries, emerging business streams and the skills and knowledge associated with roles across the creative industries. This course will prepare you with these skills and knowledge

What You Will Learn

Professional Project (60 Credits)

You will undertake a professional project where you will have the freedom to choose the sector of the Music Industry and specialism that you want to focus on. This provides the opportunity to extend and develop your individual skills and practice in the Live Music Industry, Recorded Music Sector or Music Publishing within a professional context. 

It is envisaged that, where possible, projects will take place in the public sphere (events, music releases, and promotional activities) in contexts that are as realistic an experience as possible. 
Working with an assigned project supervisor and drawing on a series of lectures, seminars and workshops, students will devise and complete projects that build on established industry practices and emerging trends with a focus on innovation, collaboration, creativity, and establishing an identity in the music industry. The aim is to create a springboard for the profession or the higher education institution to which you aspire. 
Module Aims  

•    To locate professional practice in the music business in an authentic real-world setting  
•    To develop a depth of understanding of a specialist field including established and emerging trends and practices 
•    To begin establishing a network as a bridge to professional opportunities.  
•    To create professionals with initiative and independence 
•    To create professionals who can effectively engage audiences/
employers/ stakeholders 

Digital Marketing and Promotion (30 Credits)

The focus of this module is to enable you to develop and apply digital skills at an industry-appropriate level and to develop promotional content that connects with an audience in an effective way. You will create a marketing plan for an event or release for your chosen artists and then, collaborating and networking with artists, band members, photographers, graphic artists and videographers as appropriate you will co-ordinate and create promotional material for your campaign.  The research will be made into industry trends and new and emerging digital platforms, developing and expanding skills within these. Once the promotion is underway, you will reflect on the success or otherwise of the various elements of your promotional activity and re-calibrate activities to maximise the success of the campaign.  

Module Aims
•    Develop the ability to market strategically and encourage adaptability 
•    Develop a range of digital skills relevant to current industry practice to enhance employability 
•    Encourage creativity and innovation when creating content 
•    Nurture self-sufficiency in digital marketing and promotion 

Artist Development (30 credits)

The focus of this module is the creation of an artist development plan from the perspective of artist management. This involves an analysis of your choice of artist, group, or producer with regards to their aims, ambitions and current profile. This will include the current stage of their artistic development, presence and activity on digital platforms, legal issues and funding, merchandise and fanbase. From this analysis, you will create a plan for the development of the artist. The plan will consider current innovative developments in the industry including the emergent and prevailing trends in digital platforms, rights management and the current state of the market.  
Module Aims  
•    Increase knowledge of new models, opportunities, and income streams in the Music Industry 
•    Encourage the ability to develop interpersonal and presentation skills 
•    Develop insight and skills in the interrelation between artists and the market 
•    Develop skills in planning and organising   

Placement Information

We continue to work with partners and organisations across the UK to provide placement and work experience opportunities for our students. Our students have previously worked with Wide Days and a number of other national and independent music industry organisations.  

Entry Requirements
  • SQCF L8/RCF L5 equivalent i.e. FdA Music Business (please contact our admissions team for more information)
English Proficiency Requirements
  • IELTS 6.5 required.
  • Further information regarding IELTS levels and certification is available from our admissions team.
How the course is assessed
  • Project based course work (50%)
  • Written assignment (15%)
  • Practice-based assignments (35%) 
Information on Test/Auditions/Interview Requirements

Successful completion of HND programme at Edinburgh College. External candidates will be invited for an interview. Please contact our admissions team for more information. 

Progression And Articulation Routes

While no formal articulation agreements are currently in place for post-graduate courses in Music Business, graduates will have achieved the academic profile to apply for courses such as: 

  • Music Industries MSc at University of Glasgow
  • Music Industry Studies MA at University of Liverpool
  • Music Management MA at University of Sheffield
  • Music Industry Management and Artist Development MA at University of West London
  • Music Business Management MA at University of Westminster, London
  • Music Business (MA) at University of Wales Trinity Saint David
Career Opportunities

You can go onto a wide range of roles within the Music Industries including employment in the Live Music Industry, the Recorded Music Sector, Marketing and PR, Event Management and the Music Publishing Industry.

Number Of Days Per Week
  • 15 hours per week taught
  • 7 hours per week student-led learning 
Course Cost And Funding Options
Start Date and Time

Full Time

This course will start week commencing...
  • Monday 30/08/2021
End Date

Full Time

This course will end on...
  • Friday 17/06/2022
Course Delivery
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Courses may be subject to alteration or cancellation

Why is creativity important to employers
Music staff profiles

Edinburgh College's Music Department is fortunate to have a large and diverse Staff group, each one of whom has extensive experience of working in the industry.

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