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Course Overview

Costume for Stage and Screen HND provides intensive industry training in Performing Arts Studio Scotland (PASS) bespoke workshops. Discover your creative potential as you explore costume design and learn industry design techniques using sewing machines, paint techniques, wig preparation skills and embroidery. This course will ensure you are fully prepared and qualified to progress onto further study at a university level and is a direct route to the third year of BA Hons Costume and Performance Design course at Bournemouth University. 

During this course you will complete a practical work placement which will be made available through PASS industry connections. Immerse yourself in the art of costume design as you gain essential experience in professional environments and make crucial connections with theatre professionals. You will learn how to take a simple idea and expand and explore it until becomes a final product; bringing it to life. You may find yourself working alongside an ex-PASS student as most move on to professional employment within the industry upon completion. You will experience how the wardrobe department impacts theatre productions and learn professional skills that are highly sought after in the industry. 

Please see information below that will need to be completed as part of the selection process.

What You Will Learn
  • Practical Skills in Pattern Cutting and Costume Construction
  • Decorative Techniques Used to Embellish Costume
  • Introduction to the Art of Corsetry
  • Millinery/Headwear Sculptural Costume Elements
  • Professional Practice Design
  • History of Costume and Theatre
Placement Information
  • Students are placed with professional organisations for work experience at least once during the course and will also be involved in practical assignments for performance 
Entry Requirements
  • BTEC National Diploma in Production Arts
  • National Diplomas in Fashion Clothing and Textiles 
  • Two Highers at Grade A/B (English or History desirable) 
  • SGA/NC Foundation Course in Art and Design 
  • Mature students are welcome to apply and will be granted an interview to discuss entry requirements 
  • Applicants who do not possess Highers in academic subjects required for progression to some universities can study for these qualifications alongside this HND 
English Proficiency Requirements
  • IELTS 5.5
How the course is assessed
  • Practical demonstration 
  • Work-experience placement 
  • Assignments 
  • Writing journals 
  • Scrapbooks 
  • Working with others 
  • Photographic evidence 
  • Oral questioning 
  • Research skills 
Information on Test/Auditions/Interview Requirements

We would like to invite you to a remote interview rather than attending the college in person, please see below for more information: 

  • E-Portfolio: Please upload the following information in an E-Portfolio to ahead of your online interview, once you have done this send the link to the two email addresses at the bottom of this letter.  Your link can be shared with us in your application by using (SharePoint, OneDrive, Instagram or DropBox) 
  • evidence of academic achievements to date
  • evidence of your sewing skills. (This could be a garment, an item of costume made for an amateur production or a compilation of sewing techniques
  • portfolio of drawings (specifically figure drawings and life studies) 
  • a written critique of a live performance or a personal statement. 

Once we have received your Folio you will be contacted to arrange a Zoom interview with one of the Administrators or the Costume faculty.  


Please make sure all information requested reaches us within a week of your interview date so that we can effectively process your application.  


Please email your E-portfolio, to the addresses below using the subject title PORTFOLIO and your name.  

Privacy Notice for Performing Arts and Photography Selection

Progression And Articulation Routes
  • University courses in Costume Design and Production at various universities
  • BA Hons Costume and Performance Design course at Bournemouth University (articulated route)
Career Opportunities

Our past students work all over Scotland and the UK in wardrobe departments for both film and theatre. The roles covered vary depending on the establishments, but some examples are; 

  • Costume supervisors 
  • Costume cutters 
  • Wardrobe assistants 
  • Dressers 
  • Maintenance workers 
  • Costume hire assistants  

Some of our alumni work on cruise ships, (looking after costumes for a wide range of entertainments), and others have specialised in costume production. Not all students follow a theatrical path and the course provides transitional skills which will allow you to venture into;  

  • Bridal wear 
  • Haute couture 
  • Fashion 
  • Millinery 
  • Corsetry 
  • Steampunk 
  • Sculptural costume 
  • Wigs and cosplay 
Number Of Days Per Week
  • 3 days per week however you will be expected to complete work outside of College class times 

Course Cost And Funding Options
Student Stories

Edinburgh College Costume students have delved into a Shakespearean world of farthingales and ruffs to launch an exhibition of Elizabethan inspired stage costumes. 

Elizabethan Costumes for Theatre Performance, an exhibition by Edinburgh College Theatre Costume students, were exhibited at the Macrobert Arts Centre in Stirling. The exhibition features 13 historically themed costumes, inclusive of undergarments and accessories, designed for a theatre or opera production set between 1550 and 1620. Graduate Suzanne Coll said: 


“Producing the costumes has been both interesting and challenging and has given me an opportunity to develop the skills needed for professional theatre and film work. The project also allowed me to immerse myself in the etiquette and fashions worn by the aristocracy of the period and, having wrestled with the weight and bulk of these period reproductions, appreciate the more casual, comfortable clothing we wear today. I’m really proud to see my work on display as part of the exhibition.” 


Read more of our student stories here


Start Date and Time

Full Time

This course will start week commencing...
  • Monday 30/08/2021
End Date

Full Time

This course will end on...
  • Friday 17/06/2022
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Courses may be subject to alteration or cancellation

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Edinburgh College is home to the Performing Arts Studio Scotland (PASS), one of the country's largest and most respected centres for training in the performing arts.  

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