SCQF Level 4
Professional Cookery, Hospitality, Retail and Events

Course Overview

Explore the vibrant and fast-paced industries of retail, events and tourism and pursue your chosen career path through this introductory course. Throughout the course, you will get the opportunity to meet and talk to industry professionals and gain essential connections whilst developing your employability skills. There is an emphasis on teamwork and part of the course will involve working with others to plan and organise an event of your own. You will get the opportunity to set up pop-up shops and get involved in Edinburgh College’s annual Christmas Fair.  
There will be visits to retail, events and tourism businesses throughout the year. Here you will gain an insight into how a business operates from day-to-day. Build your communication, customer care and IT skills as well as your confidence; enabling you to make an informed choice in the area you wish to work or further study in.

What You Will Learn

  • Travel and Tourism: Employability 
  • Travel and Tourism: UK and Worldwide 
  • Introduction to Retail Merchandising 
  • Working for Yourself 
  • Skills for Customer Care 
  • Communication 
  • IT 
  • Digital Communication 
  • Methods of Enterprise Activity 

Placement Information
  • There is a mandatory work placement this will give you the opportunity to develop your employability skills and will support your studies
Entry Requirements
  • Minimum of 2 Core Skills passes at SCQF Level 3
English Proficiency Requirements
  • IELTS 5.5
How the course is assessed
  • You will be assessed through written and practical assignments throughout the year 

Information on Test/Auditions/Interview Requirements

  • You will be required to attend an interview 
  • Here a group task will be set, and applicants will be interviewed on a one to one basis 

Progression And Articulation Routes
  • NC Events Co-ordination 
  • NC Retailing 
  • NC Travel and Tourism Various 
Career Opportunities
  • Various employment opportunities within the retail, events and travel and tourism sectors
Number Of Days Per Week
  • 3 days plus work placement hours in semester 2
Course Cost And Funding Options
Start Date and Time

Full Time

This course will start week commencing...
  • Monday 30/08/2021
End Date

Full Time

This course will end on...
  • Friday 17/06/2022
Course Delivery
GRANTON x x x x x
MIDLOTHIAN x x x x x
MILTON RD x x x x x
x x x x
OUTREACH x x x x x

Courses may be subject to alteration or cancellation

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