SCQF Level 6
Social Sciences incorporating ICS

Course Overview

Studying Higher English will provide you with the opportunity to develop the skills of listening, talking, reading and writing in order to understand and use language. As you develop your literacy skills, you will be able to process information more easily, apply knowledge of the language in practical and relevant contexts, and gain the confidence to undertake new and more challenging tasks in a variety of situations. Building on literacy skills, the Higher English course develops your understanding of the complexities of language, including through the study of a wide range of texts. It will also enhance your level of analytical thinking and understanding of the impact of language.

National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher qualifications, accredited by the SQA, are typically studied at high school and college. These qualifications act as pathways to further study including university entry. Edinburgh College offers a selection of subjects at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher level on a part-time basis. You may choose to study up to two subjects.

For classes taking place during the day you come to college twice a week for a two-hour class. For evening classes you come to college once a week for a 3-hour class.

Course Fees: £326 per subject. Fees will be confirmed when an application has been processed.

What You Will Learn
  • English: Analysis and Evaluation - you will have the opportunity to develop listening and reading skills in the contexts of literature, language and media. You will develop the skills needed to understand, analyse and evaluate detailed and complex texts
  • English: Creation and Production - you will have the opportunity to develop talking and writing skills in a wide range of contexts. You will develop the skills needed to create and produce detailed and complex language in both written and oral forms
Entry Requirements
  • You should have recently gained an A or B in English at National 5 or Intermediate 2 level (or equivalent)
  • Applicants must demonstrate the ability to work at an appropriate level by having already achieved a pass at A or B in the level below which they are applying.
  • National 5 (SCQF 5) subjects - pass at National 4 (with added value unit), Intermediate 1 at A or B, or Standard Grade 3 or 4 in the subject
  • Higher (SCQF 6) subjects - A or B pass at National 5 or A or B at Intermediate 2 in the subject
  • Advanced Higher (SCQF 7) subjects - A or B pass at Higher
  • For entry to social science subjects such as Psychology, Sociology and Politics previous study of the subject is not required. However, National 5 English is required plus another social subject at SCQF level 5

The above represents the minimum entry requirements.

These courses are challenging and require the ability to study independently. Applicants should identify clearly the reason for studying their chosen subject in their course application.

English Proficiency Requirements
  • IELTS 6.0
How the course is assessed
  • The course assessment will take the form of a portfolio through which you will demonstrate your writing skills and an examination which will assess your ability to write critically on set texts and demonstrate reading skills for understanding, analysis and evaluation of texts.
  • Higher English is a demanding course. In order to succeed, students are expected to attend all classes and in addition study independently for at least  3 hours a week. Please consider whether you can make this commitment before applying for the course.
Information on Test/Auditions/Interview Requirements
  • You may be invited to sit a diagnostic test to assess your ability to meet the demands of the course.
Progression And Articulation Routes
  • Appropriate Highers, including English, may support your application to study HNC or degree courses in your preferred subject area.
  • If you require Higher English to apply for a post-graduate course you should check the grade required. 
Number Of Days Per Week
  • 2 classes per week (2 hours each), one on Monday afternoon and one on Wednesday afternoon. You need to attend both classes every week.


  • 1 class per week ( 3 hours) either on a Wednesday or a Thursday evening(6 pm-9 pm) Please state on your application which evening you would like to attend.


Course Cost And Funding Options
Course Delivery
GRANTON x x x x x
MIDLOTHIAN x x x x x
MILTON RD x x x x x
SIGHTHILL x x x x x
OUTREACH x x x x x

Courses may be subject to alteration or cancellation

Higher and National 5 Timetable
Applying for Higher and National 5s

Online applications for Advanced Higher/Higher/National 5 courses can be made via enrolment events. All applicants who meet the entry requirements following exam results will be guaranteed a place. 

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To apply please download an SCP application form and contact your guidance teacher who will support you through your application.

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