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Guidance for Staff

For session 2021/22, the health, safety and wellbeing of our students and staff will remain our top priority. 

For the first two weeks of January, courses are being delivered online. Face-to-face teaching for some priority group on-campus classes will resume from the week commencing Monday 24 January 2022.

Further advice and guidance for Edinburgh College staff is detailed in the FAQs below.

We will continue to provide updates on the current situation via email, our website and social media channels on a regular basis.

Below is important information if you are coming on to campus, or if you are working from home.


We have developed a set of Frequently Asked Questions to keep our staff up-to-date with the latest information and guidance from the College.

What will the arrangements be for the start of the new term (January 2022)?

Teaching will resume on Monday 10 January 2022 as planned, during the first two weeks of term all teaching is taking place online only.

Face-to-face teaching for priority groups will resume on-campus  from the week commencing Monday 24 January 2022. This will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and all priority group staff and students will be notified in good time.

Staff who are not required to be on a campus should continue to work from home where possible. 

We will continue to monitor Government and Public Health guidance and arrangements will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

My role requires me to work on campus, what do I need to know?

Staff should now work from home, where possible. 

An On Campus Guide for Staff has been provided for anyone who is required to work on campus, this includes information on the health and safety measures in place and the guidance which must be followed at all times.

The health and wellbeing of our staff and students remains our top priority and as a result in line with the latest government guidance, we have health and safety measures in place across campuses, including:   

  • Social distancing is set at one metre across all spaces on campus for the foreseeable future
  • Face coverings must be worn
  • Procedures are in place to ensure adequate ventilation of indoor spaces

Further information is available in the On Campus Guide for Staff.

How do I keep updated about the latest information on COVID-19 and the College?

Please continue to check your emails regularly, read the College Update email and check the Staff Intranet for updates on the latest information from the College. 

Should the situation change significantly during the Christmas holidays, we will inform all staff as soon as possible. 

Are students aware of the latest information from the College?

All students are being kept up to date with the latest information from the College via email, our website, ECSA and our social media channels. Please help us to share key messages with students. All student communications will be shared with staff regularly. 

I have read the above and still have questions, what should I do?

We have tried to provide as much information as we can at this point but understand staff may still have questions. Please speak to your line manager if you have any further questions or contact communications@edinburghcollege.ac.uk.    

Can I book a COVID-19 vaccine or booster?

COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters to book through NHS Inform

Visit NHS Inform to book your vaccine or to see if you are yet eligible for a booster vaccination.

Vaccines are the best protection against illness from COVID-19, and the best way to keep yourself and loved ones safe.

Where can I get Lateral Flow Test kits?

Lateral Flow Test kits can be collected at any campus reception from 7am-9pm. Full information on Lateral Flow Test kits at Edinburgh College can be found here.

You can also collect Lateral Flow Test kits at local pharmacies or order them to be delivered to your home.

Please note: Campuses will be closed from 6pm on Wednesday 22 December 2021 until Monday 10 January 2022. 

What if my Lateral Flow Test is positive?

If you test positive for COVID-19 through a Lateral Flow Test, you should book a PCR test straight away, and isolate once you have had the test until you receive the result. More information on PCR testing and how to book is available from NHS Inform. Please inform your line manager if you require to take a PCR test.

What do I do if I test positive for COVID-19 or have to isolate?

If you test positive for COVID-19, have symptoms or have to isolate, do not come into college and follow government guidance. Please inform your line manager as soon as possible. 

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Campus Health and Safety Information

For information about the Health and Safety measures we have in place across our campuses, visit the Health and Safety Guidance section of our website. 

Health and Safety on Campus

Information for Staff Working from Home

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessments

Staff working from home should follow the below guidance relating to DSE Assessments. 

  • Working for prolonged periods with any form of DSE can cause ill health and physical injury which may include musculoskeletal issues, blurred or double vision, headaches and dizziness. DSE are devices or equipment that have an alphanumeric or graphic display screen and includes display screens, laptops, touch screens and other similar devices. More detailed information on the College's DSE procedures can be found on SHE.

  • Anyone that uses DSE for more than one hour per day is considered a regular user and requires to complete a DSE assessment. This includes on-campus and home users. Some staff may require to complete more than one assessment. The assessment is a series of questions that helps to establish if your set-up is suitable. The questions cover IT equipment, accessories i.e. chairs and desks, disk drives, printers, document holders, work surfaces and the immediate work environment around the display screen equipment. 

  • The assessment must be done when a new workstation is set up, a new user starts work, a change is made to an existing workstation or the way it's used, or the user complains of pain or discomfort. The DSE assessment form can be found on SHE.

IT Working from Home Guide for Staff

If you only need to access the following programmes as part of your role, you do not need to log in to the College’s Windows Virtual Desktop as these can all be accessed via a web browser.

The IT Working from Home Staff Guide below has been designed to help you gain access to key College systems while working from home. Click the link to download the guide.

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Guidance for Students

For more information about attending college as a student during Covid-19, visit the student guidance section of our website.

Guidance for students