Year Round English Language Courses

Year Round English

We offer a range of English Language programmes for students from elementary to advanced level, with flexible start dates throughout the year. Choose from either 15 or 20 hours of tuition per week, and study for a minimum of 2 weeks up to a maximum of 44 weeks (subject to visa restrictions).

Our engaging syllabus focuses on all the skills you need to improve your English. Our communicative lessons work on your speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as activating and extending your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. You will improve your communication skills, functional language and pronunciation.

Our aim is to help you feel more confident when using English and to progress through the levels. Our team of lecturers are experienced in getting the best out of our students and will help you make the improvements in your English you are looking for. Our teaching team receives consistently excellent feedback and are dedicated to their subject. All of our teachers are enthusiastic, experienced and teach in a friendly and interesting way.

How you will learn

Before arriving at Edinburgh College you will complete a level test so you can join a class with students of a similar level. In lessons you will study together as a class, in small groups or with a partner. Your teacher will expect you to participate in all class activities by giving opinions and ideas and by listening to others. Throughout your course you will have the opportunity to choose projects and topics that are relevant and interesting to you.

You will

  • Focus on developing practical and functional skills, rather than just learning grammar or vocabulary.
  • Engage in project-based work that will allow you to explore the local community more and build collaborative and employability skills.
  • Prioritise meaningful, communicative language over traditional exercises.
  • Be encouraged to develop an awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Be encouraged to reflect on your own progress and set goals for your improvement.

Monthly Tutorials

Your main teacher will also be your tutor. You will speak to your tutor individually at the beginning of your course to agree a learning plan for you. If you are studying for more than 4 weeks, you will meet your tutor monthly to discuss your plan and receive personal support to ensure you progress.

Your Progression 

Your teacher will check your progress regularly using project presentations, course tests and homework.

All English Language students follow our General English course (15 hours per week).

You can increase your programme to 20 hours per week by adding our Intensive English modules (5 hours per week).


9:00 - 12:30


13:30 - 16:15


General English



General English


Intensive English Modules


General English



General English


Intensive English Modules


General English


Morning classes include a 30 minute break. Afternoon classes include a 15 minute break.

Intensive English Modules

We recognise that every student’s learning needs are unique to them. We have developed a dynamic curriculum that allows you to choose and change your modules each month. With different modules on offer you can put more focus on areas of English you would like to develop or simply what you enjoy! 

What to expect

  • Focus on developing practical and functional skills, rather than just learning grammar or vocabulary.
  • Engage students in practical tasks that relate to or simulate real-world English.
  • Prioritise meaningful, communicative language over traditional exercises.
  • Support a skills-based approach through ongoing assessments and tests.
  • Encourage students to develop an awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Encourage students to reflect on their own progress and set goals for their improvement.

Intensive English modules include

  • IELTS Preparation (B1+)
  • Academic Writing for Higher Education (C1+)
  • English and UK Culture (A2-B1)
  • English for Business (A2-B1)
  • English for Computing (A2-B1)
  • English for Tourism (A1-B1)
  • Presentation Skills (A2-B1)

Modules are subject to availability and will run according to student demand.

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