Known for its beautiful landscapes, rich history and warm culture, Scotland attracts people from all over the world. Thousands come to Scotland each year to explore this beautiful country as tourists, while others come to live, to work and to study.

Despite being a small nation (just over 5 million people) Scotland has a long history and proud tradition as a centre of academic excellence. The thousands of international students who come to Scotland every year do so in search of a world-leading education in a safe and culturally diverse environment.

As Scotland's capital, Edinburgh is at the heart of this culture of learning, with over 80,000 students living in the city. This means there is a vibrant student life in Edinburgh, reflected in the fact that the British Educational Travel Association (BETA) named Edinburgh as the best 'UK Youth Destination' for 2017.  

Scotland also has a diverse economy, with world-leading industries in banking and finance, engineering, science, innovation and technology, and multimillion-pound tourism industry. This offers learners a perfect environment to expand their knowledge and expertise and presents a wealth of opportunities to progress beyond the classroom. 

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