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Tap into a wealth of resources, expertise, and support for your business. Our expert teams are here to facilitate the adoption and diffusion of innovation within your business and help drive your competitive edge. 

What is Innovation? 

Innovation is the buzzword of the moment, but what does it mean for business? Innovation doesn’t always have to be the blue-sky ideas; it can be about incremental changes to improve processes and productivity. It can be introducing new ideas, methods, products, services, or processes that result in improvements or advancements within a business. The business idea must be “innovative” (novel and pioneering) and more than merely “new to the company”. 

How We Can Help 

Our strength is supporting businesses to develop the most viable product, process, or experience. As Scotland’s Capital College, we are home to a spectrum of specialist knowledge and expertise across our faculties. By connecting you with our in-house expertise, we can help you to develop proof of concept and support you in taking that first step on the road to innovation and developing a competitive advantage. 

Access Our Expertise 

Edinburgh College can help your business with our experts from the following areas: 

Creative Industries 

  • Computing and digital app skills 
  • Creative skills 
  • Design sprints 
  • User experience 

Health and Social Care 

  • Digital care hub 
  • Wellness in business 


  • Workforce innovation vouchers: supporting you to improve internal processes 
  • HR processes 
  • Appraisals 
  • Leadership and management 
Innovation Funding (1)


Innovation grants can help businesses to collaborate with college academics on innovative new products, processes, services or innovative internal processes.

Innovation Grants
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