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Report Hate and Misogyny

Edinburgh College is committed to equality of opportunity and to a culture that respects difference. We are committed to providing an inclusive ethos and environment, where everyone feels welcome, safe, supported and respected.

Report Hate and Misogyny Incidents to Edinburgh College

The College is proud that we have a diverse population of employees and students in terms age, disability, gender identity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, geography or other types of backgrounds. However, we are aware that hate or misogyny incidents, such as harassment and prejudice, can happen at the College and they have a harmful impact on individuals, our College and wider communities. All forms of harassment and prejudice are unacceptable and, wherever possible, we will deal with these in line with College policies and procedures.

Hate Incident is any incident which is perceived by the victim or any other person, to be motivated (wholly or partly) by malice and ill-will towards a victim because of their protected characteristics. Protected characteristics are age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, and sexual orientation.

Misogyny is a way of thinking that upholds the primary status of men and a sense of male entitlement, while subordinating women and limiting their power and freedom. Conduct based on this thinking can include a range of abusive and controlling behaviours including rape, sexual offences, harassment and bullying, and domestic abuse.

If the matter is urgent, or you and/or someone else have been physically harmed, please contact the Police Scotland immediately by phoning 999 (emergency) or 101 (non-emergency). More details on reporting hate crime to the police can be found on Reporting hate crime - Police Scotland

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Inform the College

If you have experienced or witnessed an incident which you believe to have been motivated by hate, you can inform the College anonymously or with your contact details.

Report anonymously Report with contact details

If you need support in completing a form, please speak with the relevant staff. They will support you and may complete the form on your behalf:

If you require this form in an alternative format or assistance in completing the form, please contact Equality, Inclusion and Diversity (EDI) Lead at

It is important for individuals to feel safe and secure when reporting hate incidents. We will protect your or the victim’s identity as far as we possibly can. However, if the incident involves criminal offences, the College is legally obligated to share the information with the police or other relevant authorities. Everyone involved in the incident will be fully informed when we need to do so.

If you require emotional support, please speak to a member of our Wellbeing Team

Additional Support

There is also additional hate crime support from external organisations you can contact.

Victim Support Scotland - Hate crime

Citizen Advice Bureau - How to report a hate incident or hate crime

Action on Prejudice - Youthlink Scotland

Crime stoppers - Hate crime

Scottish Women's Rights Centre - Helpline

EIS Equality Reps - The Role of Equality Reps

Unison - Get Help Bullying and Harassment