Two people speaking to each other during an interview.

Advice on Interviews

Depending on the course you have applied for, you may be invited for an interview before an offer is made. Here is some guidance on how to prepare for an interview.


Preparing for your interview is essential. Make sure you have read over the course information and have completed some research on the profession. You could refer to your application to remind yourself about the key points you made in your personal statement. Make some notes and don't be afraid to bring them to the interview along with a copy of your application. We don't expect you to remember everything and having some notes shows that you have done some preparation for your interview. 

You could ask a friend or family member to practice with you so you can prepare some answers to questions you may get asked, such as: "Why do you want to study this course?" and "What experience and skills do you have?". 

If you are asked to bring any documents or portfolios with you, remember to bring these to the interview. 

Attending the interview 

Due to the impact of COVID-19, we are now interviewing in different ways. It is likely that your interview will be virtual over Microsoft Teams. When you are invited to an interview you will receive information on time, location or how to access the interview virtually. Make sure you read any interview instructions carefully. If you are invited to an interview over Microsoft Teams you may want to make sure you have downloaded the app and are comfortable with how it works. 

If you have any questions about attending your interview or need any support from the college to attend please ask us by responding to your interview invite. 


Interviews can be nerve-wracking, but try your best to not let your nerves get in the way. Everyone gets nervous and the panel interviewing you will be understanding of this so you should try your best to remain calm. Take some deep breaths before heading in for your interview and have a drink of water handy. If you need time to think or would like them to repeat a question, just let the interviewers know and they will be more than happy to give you some time or repeat the question.

Be yourself 

The most important thing about attending an interview is just to be yourself! An interview is another opportunity to sell yourself and let the interviewers know what you're like, what your interests are and your plans for the future. Being yourself will help you relax during the interview. They have already seen something in your application and now they are interested in finding out more about you.