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The description of the College's courses in its prospectus and on its website represents the College's aspirations as to what will be delivered. However, for various reasons, the courses actually delivered may be different. For example:

Funding for a course (whether from the Government or from the College's charitable donations or other sources of income) may be reduced or withdrawn;

There may be insufficient interest in a course which means that it is uneconomic or unviable to deliver;

There may be a change to the College's other resources, such as staff or accommodation, which affect the delivery of a course.

A change could involve the replacement of a course with a new course, variations to course content or structure, the merger of courses, or the withdrawal of a course. The College may make a change to a course for the reasons set out above, or for other reasons where it is reasonable for the College to do so. If there is a change to a course about which you have expressed an interest, the College will let you know as soon as possible. By expressing an interest in a course to the College, you agree to these rules about changes to courses.

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