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How to Apply for International Courses

We have a variety of courses on offer for our students from overseas.

Please note that the process below relates only to International students. For advice on whether you would be considered an “International” student, please contact 

Step 1 

  • Please fill in and download the International Student Application Form.
    Please complete all sections.

  • Attach copies of your educational certificates and English language level evidence (IELTS, LanguageCert, Pearson PTE or Trinity College London), if you have this.

  • Attach a copy of the photograph page of your passport (and any previous or current UK visas, if applicable).

  • Include your Personal Statement in the space provided on the application form or send as a separate attachment. 

Step 2

Step 3 

  • We may email you for additional information. 

  • You will usually be invited to an Admissions and Visa Interview with College staff, conducted by Zoom if you are overseas. The purpose of the interview will be to provide you with advice about the visa application process.   

Step 4

  • If you are accepted, the International team will send you a Conditional Offer Letter and Course Acceptance Form by email.

  • We will also send you information on applying for the appropriate visa type.

  • We request a deposit payment, usually 100% of the total course fee. In the case of a refund, £250 is kept to cover administration costs - see Refund Policy.

  • If you are an international applicant requiring a Student Visa (formerly known as a Tier 4 General visa), and you are applying to study a two-year HND course, you will be asked to pay the full two-year fee as part of your conditional offer. The full payment of the two-year fee will also be reflected in your Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) sponsorship letter that you will use to apply for your Student Visa.

Step 5

  • Send your Course Acceptance Form and deposit to the International Team (details below).

  • We will contact you about your preparations to apply for a visa and we will usually ask to see all relevant documents, including your financial statements, showing you have the necessary maintenance (money for living costs) for the visa application. 

Step 6

  • If you have been advised to apply for a student visa, the International Team will only send your CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies) upon satisfaction of all the conditions noted in the Conditional Offer Letter and having inspected all the required supporting documents for your Student visa application. The CAS will be sent to you by email and is essential to apply for a Student visa.

  • If you have been advised to apply for a Visitor visa (for courses that are less than 6 months in duration) or a Short-Term Study visa (11 months), we will send you an Unconditional Offer Letter, once you have met all conditions in your Conditional Offer Letter.

  • We will also send you pre-arrival information, including details of accommodation, airport pick-up service and induction. Please note that our airport pick-up service is only for new students to Edinburgh College.  

Step 7 

  • You should follow our guidance very carefully when making a visa application. We will send you a detailed step-by-step guide for your visa type and we may also ask to check your visa application form prior to submission. 

Please note: The College reserves the right to withdraw or modify any courses offered. If a course does not run we will try to provide an alternative. If a course is cancelled, fees will be refunded in full. 

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