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Personal Development Training

We offer a range of short courses for professionals looking to develop their skills and knowledge. These courses are a great way to further your skills or keep up-to-date with developments in a specific field of practice or job role.

Our training can be delivered on-campus, at your workplace or virtually via Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Training options

Our Personal Development short courses present a flexible way to study and can meet the specific needs of both individuals and organisations, by providing short, sharp one-day sessions.

Bespoke training

Although we provide Personal Development courses we also create bespoke Personal Development training programmes tailored to business requirements.

If you are interested please fill in the bespoke training enquiry form, or if you would like to discuss these training options please contact us.

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Personal Development Training Portfolio

Our training can be created as part of a bespoke package

Course Title


Assertiveness Skills

This course provides gives an overview of the difference between assertive, aggressive and passive behaviour and provides participants with practical skills on how to be assertive in the workplace.

Becoming an Effective Leader

Suitable for practising or aspiring middle managers, this course develops knowledge and understanding of effective leadership enabling participants to understand and evaluate their ability to lead others.

Change Management

Aimed at employees of all levels, this course identifies factors of change and explores the resistance they are often met with. Participants will gain a number of strategies for managing change in their workplace.

Coaching and Mentoring

This workshop enables participants to develop a framework and the necessary skills for effectively coaching and mentoring others at work.

Communication Skills

Participants will learn about the principles of effective communication and practical skills in how to use the most appropriate communication method in specific situations.

Conflict Management

Delegates will learn what conflict is, how it arises and how to deal with it effectively in this short course.

Customer Experience

This course teaches delegates how to identify and build an understanding of their customer base, and how to use this knowledge to improve the customer experience.

Customer Service Excellence

This course is designed to bring delegates’ focus firmly on the provision of the best customer service possible and to establish a desire to strive to constantly improve customer service in their organisation.

Dealing with Difficult Situations

Participants will learn essential tips and techniques on how to become more confident and professional when dealing with ‘difficult’ people and challenging situations at work.

Delegation Skills

Participants will be provided with a range of tools and templates to help them learn how to delegate tasks and how to use effective delegation as a key development tool to motivate and challenge their people.

Effective Meetings

This course provides delegates with the skills to set up, lead and participate in effective meetings whether they take place in person or online.

Effective Teams

Suitable for all team members, this workshop facilitates great team performance by equipping participants with knowledge and skills to put into practice in their own team environment.

Emotional Intelligence

Participants on this training course will come away with an understanding of the essence of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and its importance, particularly in regard to management, leadership and working relationships in general.

Equality and Diversity

This is a short awareness session designed to provide participants with awareness of workplace issues of equality, diversity and respect.

Influencing Skills

This course will provide participants with an understanding of the different influencing styles and strategies which can be used to influence key stakeholders effectively.

Interviewing and Recruitment

This course will give candidates a clear understanding of their personal interviewing style and the benefits  of conducting interviews which target the relevant competencies for their organisation.

Leadership and Management Development

Our courses in Leadership & Management Development are made bespoke to your organisation, providing new managers with the skills to lead, manage and coach their employees to success.

Leading and Motivating

The purpose of this training course is to understand the need for teams to have a sense of vision and  purpose that reflects the organisation’s, and the role that effective communication, motivation and individual and team development play in enabling this to happen.

Managing Difficult Conversations

Delegates on this course will learn techniques to effectively deal with difficult conversations with customers, business contacts and colleagues. This course can be adapated for delivery to managerial or non-managerial staff.

Managing Remote Teams

This course is aimed at line managers looking to get the most out of their remote teams. It includes aspects such as managing workloads and deliverables, ensuring consistency and providing structure in a remote team.

Managing Performance

This workshop focuses on two key aspects of Performance Management, namely Leadership and Management, and Coaching for Performance.


This course provides an understanding of the mentoring function and its role in the business, and skills in order to put mentoring into practice in the organisation.

Minute Taking

Participants will learn the skills of minute taking including how to work together with the chair of a meeting and a range of techniques in order to ensure accurate recording.

Negotiation Skills

This course provides delegates with knowledge on how to negotiate and achieve the right deal for you and your clients or customers.

One-to-One Development Coaching


Coaching gives you a platform to discuss your personal development on a one to one basis and develop your professional skills at the level that is right for you.

Presentation Skills

This workshop will give candidates the skills, confidence and knowledge to deliver effective presentations. Candidates will be able to develop presentations with tailored content, use visual aids, present effectively,  and handle difficult questions.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Aimed at first line managers, this training course will enable participants to solve a wide range of problems and make decisions effectively and confidently.

Project Management Skills

This workshop provides individuals with knowledge on how to plan, manage and close successful projects, whilst encouraging them to apply this knowledge to their own work.

Returning to Work in the New Normal

This workshop prepares staff for the return to their workplace, whether that be an office environment or other. Participants will be prepared for the transition by considering key topics such as safety, wellbeing, communication, and dealing with change.

Sales Skills

On this course, delegates will learn how to get great results when selling face-to-face, on video calls, or by telephone.

Social Media Skills

Outlining the key social media channels and their features, this course will provide an understanding of how social media can be used effectively for your business needs and how to protect your organisation on social media.

Supervisory Skills

This course provides delegates with an understanding of the role of the supervisor and key skills involved including performance management, effective communication and change management.

Time Management

Aimed at employees of all levels, this course develops knowledge and understanding of time management skills. Participants will be encouraged to identify ways in which to apply time management strategies to their own work.

Train the Trainer

This course provides candidates with the skills to design, deliver and evaluate effective group training sessions.

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