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15 May 2024

Edinburgh College supports Glen Mhor on its mission to redefine Hospitality through Inclusivity and Innovation

Setting the Scene

Glen Mhor, a hospitality business based in the Scottish Highlands, is on a mission to redefine industry standards by prioritising sustainability, mental health and diversity. The College and Glen Mhor have worked together, with funding through an Interface Standard Innovation voucher, to overhaul the hospitality firm’s recruitment policy in a bid to increase inclusivity in the workplace.

The Journey Towards Inclusivity

Glen Mhor's aspiration is to be an exemplary employer for individuals with additional support needs. To start the process of achieving this goal, it initiated a comprehensive internal audit and assessment phase which identified areas for improvement. The business recognised the project would require external expertise which it sought from curriculum and student experience colleagues at Edinburgh College. Throughout the project, Glen Mhor implemented staff training, developed tailored resources, and engaged with local stakeholders to better understand diverse perspectives.

The Role of Edinburgh College

Edinburgh College lecturer LizAnn Francis and Student Services Officer Rachel Robinson provided Glen Mhor with invaluable support – offering unique and impartial insights as well as access to resources. Rachel’s expertise in working with students and applicants to college who are neurodiverse, and LizAnn's Human Resources knowledge and expertise complemented company’s goals perfectly. This led to the reimagination of Glen Mhor's recruitment policy, ensuring inclusivity from job adverts through to interview processes.

The Product of Collaboration

Through this partnership, Glen Mhor and Edinburgh College devised a new recruitment policy and inclusive job advert template – both of which prioritise inclusivity, offering a sensory-friendly experience from application to employment. By incorporating these changes, Glen Mhor aims to set a precedent for inclusive recruitment in the hospitality sector.

Early benefits include tailored support for job applicants and improved staff retention using health passports. Looking ahead, societal impacts are expected to include a more inclusive work environment, increased job retention, and meaningful employment for neurodivergent individuals and those with mental health issues.

The collaboration between Glen Mhor and Edinburgh College exemplifies the power of academia and industry combining to drive societal change. By prioritising inclusivity and innovation, the business is not only redefining hospitality but also setting a standard for businesses seeking to create a more equitable and sustainable future.