What is STEM?
Demand for STEM skills is increasing across a number of industry sectors. Through strategic investment in STEM development, we will ensure our learners have better progression opportunities, employers get the right skills they need to grow their businesses, and the community prospers.

STEM is an interdisciplinary approach to teaching the key learning disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, preparing students for exciting, rewarding career options in an increasingly technological society.

  • Automation & Intelligent Systems
    • Future trends for the region indicate manufacturing output will increase.
  • Health, Wellbeing & Life Sciences
    • Employment in the healthcare sector comprises 15.1% of local labour demand in Edinburgh where there is predicted to be large growth in employment.
  • Design & Digital Technologies
    • Between now and 2020 the number of digital tech professionals in Scotland is forecast to grow by 1.91% per year to 84,000.
  • Sustainable Energy & Construction
    • The renewable energy sector continues to expand in Scotland, with increased demand for energy predicted to grow by more than 50% by 2035.
  • Computing & Business Analytics
    • Projected growth in the digital technology sector in Edinburgh, Fife and the Lothians 2022 is 36%.

STEM Key Facts
  1. 32% of employers struggle to recruit the advanced, technical STEM skills they need – with 52% saying shortages will persist for the next 3 years. (CBI, 2015)
  2. STEM accounts for 43% of UK GDP (ONS, 2013)
  3. 73% of all UK businesses rely on people with STEM skills (CBI, 2015).
  4. The GVA of workers in physics industries is £70k (twice average) (IoP, 2013)
  5. STEM skills: crucial to innovation and growth (EU: Skills Panorama)
  6. The demand for STEM Talent is global

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