Guidelines for Childcare Providers
Childcare Funds provide non-repayable assistance for students with children in order for them to access or continue in education and are paid in addition to any other forms of student support.

Students can apply for assistance towards registered childcare costs for scheduled classes and periods of mandatory placement. Self-directed study periods are not included.

The fund is income assessed and is available for full-time and part-time further education students, and full-time higher education students on eligible courses.

Providers should be aware that the College may not cover the full costs towards childcare costs. 

Any outstanding amount is the student’s responsibility.

Please note, childcare contracts are between the student and the provider. The college will not enter into any discussions with childcare providers regarding contracts and will not take part in any disputes.

Read the full terms and conditions of award that the students agree to.

FAQs section 

How do I know if an application has been successful?
The student will receive a childcare award letter giving the details of their or award, or they will be sent a refusal letter if they were unsuccessful. The college aims to assess fully completed childcare applications within 28 days, however, this may take longer if we have to ask the student for further information. We recommend that you keep in touch with the student. If you haven’t heard an outcome by the start of the course, you can contact the funding team on

What happens if the award doesn’t cover the full cost of the childcare?
Where the student’s award is less than the childcare fees then it is the student’s responsibility to pay the balance. This includes any balances that arise as a result of a partial award, non-payment due to poor attendance, self-study days and any other non-timetabled provision, or overpayment (this list is not exhaustive).

Do you pay childcare for college holidays?
We will only pay childcare during the college holidays if this a part of the student’s contract. The student is required to provide proof they need childcare funds during the college holidays, such as a contract explicitly stating this, or a letter from you confirming this.
A student can apply for holiday payments retrospectively if necessary.

Do I have to provide the College with invoices?
The college checks a student’s childcare award at least three times a year. There is no need for you to provide us with monthly invoices. 

You will also need to provide a verification form three times per year, in January, April, and November. 

Blank copies of the forms

If you need to tell us about a change in timetable or fees, please contact us at and we will send you the necessary form(s). 

When will I be paid?
Payments are made directly to your bank account, fortnightly in arrears. These payments are financial assistance only, and may not cover the entire fee being charged. Payments are dependent on a student’s satisfactory attendance and progress. If a student does not meet the attendance requirement in any given week, the fee for that week will not be paid. 

If the student later submits a self-certificate or medical line, missed payments will be sent as soon as possible.

View an example payment schedule
You should ask the student for a copy of their award letter, as this will contain their payment schedule, and details of any deductions we have made from their award.

What happens if I don’t receive the full amount on the payment schedule?
This can happen if the student has not met the attendance requirement for their payment, or if they have failed to return a form on time, or if they have left their course. Please contact the student immediately. You can also contact the funding team at

If the student later submits a self-certificate or medical line, missed payments will be sent as soon as possible.

What happens if the student leaves?
If the student stops using your service, you should let us know immediately, to avoid or minimise any overpayment. You can contact us at

If the student leaves their course, they are only eligible for childcare funding up to their official withdrawal date with the college. 

If the College makes any childcare payments beyond the date the student was withdrawn (for example due to a college holiday), we are required to raise an overpayment for this and will send you an overpayment notice. 

The college cannot pay childcare funds for notice periods that extend past the student’s last day at college. It is the student’s responsibility to provide you with notice of termination in accordance with their contract. The student is liable for any cost due to you by not providing the appropriate period of notice.

For further information please contact the College t: 0131 669 4400 | Terms of use and disclaimer
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