Fundraising fun 

You can help to raise money to support the work of Edinburgh College Development Trust in helping students in a vast range of ways and have a lot of fun while doing it.  From sponsorship raising activities, raffles, extreme sports challenges, coffee mornings, team sports events, to bake sales, sponsored head shaves, collections at dance performances, and fundraising ceilidhs.  The only limit is your own imagination – and we are even happy to brainstorm ideas with you.  Just get in touch for a chat about your ideas.

We would be delighted to support you in whatever you choose to do and would love to hear what you are planning.  We can loan you collecting buckets, you can download our sponsorship form or you can use the charities online sponsorship account set up with Virgin Money Giving.

How to fundraise?

Fundraising is a fantastic way to help your college while acquiring life skills such as customer service skills, presentation skills, setting and reaching goals, taking responsibility, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.  

Where do you start and what can you do?

STEP 1: Choose your event first
What are you passionate about? Read our guide on how to get involved and list of ideas

Art projects saleBad jumper day
Bake a cake Best Santa outfit
Board game eveningCampus gigs
Christmas themed dayEdinburgh College got talent!
Edinburgh winter/spring/summer/autumn walkDancing to de-stress
Dress up and danceFestive outfits sale
Get sweatyGuess who the baby in the picture is?
Haircut on the goKaraoke fun
International dayMarathon
Personal challenge – sweets banRaffle
Treasure HuntUnwanted Christmas gifts sale
Young Artists Music Festival

Please let us know your idea and we will provide the necessary support for you!  

STEP 2: Choose a location and date
Find a location and ask for the permission from the owner/manager before you start the event. Contact the Development Trust for help.

STEP 3: Ask for help
Find a team of helpers, don’t do it all by yourself. It will be more fun to do it as a group as well. Once you have your team of volunteers, give everyone a specific task.

STEP 4: Set a target
Decide how much you would like to raise and keep this in mind when planning. If you need to sell tickets in advance - start planning.

Keep track of money coming in and out so that you don’t spend more than you make. Try not to spend more than £1 for every £4 raised. 

STEP 5: Sponsorship
If you are running a sponsored event, either print off a sponsorship form or set up your Virgin Money Giving online sponsorship account at Virgin Money Giving. It’s free and is an easy way to promote your event by linking to this when posting on social media. 

STEP 6: Promote your event
Spread the word about your event. The more people know about it the more money you can raise. Here are some promotional ideas:
  • Local networks 
  • Posters 
  • Local newspapers and radio
  • Email – Use your email signature to remind people of the event and include a link to your online fundraising page. 
  • Facebook and Twitter
  • Blogs
STEP 7: Make your event safe
Health and safety tips:
  • Identify all possible hazards;  evaluate ways to mitigate risk posed by hazards
  • If you are hosting a sports event you must have trained first aiders present. Get in touch and we will provide you with the information what forms to ask for and who to contact. 
  • If you are hosting the event on private property, be sure to tell the owner about the specifics of the event and agree that you have permission to carry out activities. Be sure that the  venue has fire safety
  • If you are selling goods (e.g. jumble sale), always check that anything being sold comply with relevant safety standards
  • Food and drink
  • In order to ensure that food you serve at your event is safe, you must wash your hands and any equipment you are using in hot soapy water; keep food out of the fridge for the shortest time possible; always make sure food is properly cooked before you serve it; keep raw and ready-to-eat foods apart; do not use food past its ‘use by’ date; know what is in the ingredients and display or provide information about allergens (only label food as nut free if you are 100% sure that this is the case
  • You need a licence to sell alcohol at your event. Check your local authority. Alcohol licensing in your area - GOV.UK
  • Collecting sponsorship and holding public collections
  • For any questions about how to collect sponsorship for your organisation; what do you need to consider if you want to hold a collection and what to consider when collecting and handling cash - Please get in touch [link] with us. We will provide you with the right information on what forms you need and who to contact.

Offer an incentive to businesses. In order to draw attention to your fundraiser, you can try by offering a chance to win a higher-value prize, like a gym membership, voucher at some of the services offered at Edinburgh College’s spa, fitness centres, restaurants, hair and beauty salons.  Ask the local businesses in your area whether they would be willing to donate a prize in exchange for public recognition.  Don’t forget to thank the donors and mention their donation in whichever media you are advertising your event. Can also mention them in your Signature – below your name if you use email to advertise your event.   

Fundraising for specific projects

You can fundraise for a number of initiatives:

The general fund:  the charity's preference is for funds to be raised for the general fund.  This is used for whatever is most pressing to support students at that time (unrestricted)

Memorial funds:  From time to time donations are made or funds raised in memory of a former student or staff member of the college.  Please get in touch to discuss establishing such a fund.


Edinburgh College Development Trust is a Scottish Charity, No. SC044657.  Company No. SC469307.

For further information please contact the College t: 0131 669 4400 | Terms of use and disclaimer
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