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25 June 2020

David Can’t Wait to Explore the World of Game Design

Fifteen-year-old David Scott from Newtongrange wants to further explore the world of game design after getting a taste for it at Edinburgh College. He has won the School College Partnership (SCP) Computer Games and Software Development Award at this year’s Prize Giving.

We caught up with David to find out about his College experience and his plans for the future:

“I’m really shocked and excited about winning an award at this year’s Prize Giving. I’m happy to be recognised for all the hard work I’ve put in this year.

I decided to study game design at Edinburgh College as it’s something I’ve always enjoyed doing, and the College seemed to be the best place to get the qualification while I was still at school. I was in fourth year at school when I seen that this course was available to me, so I wasted no time in applying.

Best thing about studying at Edinburgh College is learning about games and making them and also making friends I had never even spoke to before.

The main challenge I faced before starting at College was worrying about getting the right balance between College and my schoolwork but that was not an issue when I got into the course as I managed to finish all my work before the deadline

If I could give on piece of advice to a student starting now it would be to enjoy the work as much as you can so it doesn’t become boring and make sure you do it on time.

After I’ve finished high school I’m hoping to go onto a full-time course at college rather than just a Friday afternoon and explore game design even more.

My Edinburgh College experience was fun, enjoyable, and amazing.”