11 November 2021

College is for Everyone

At Edinburgh College, we believe that college is for everyone, whether you want to explore something new, are not sure where to start, are ready to get ahead or are taking your life in a new direction.

College is for the Curious 

The ones who don’t know exactly what they want yet.

College is an excellent place to try something new and find out what you’re passionate about. Each year we welcome hundreds of school pupils to the College to study a course part-time while still at school, either through a Schools College Partnership (SCP) course or as a Foundation Apprenticeship (FA). 

Both options can give curious school pupils a different experience to learning at school, equipping them with skills and experience they wouldn’t get at school but are valuable for the world of work or future study. This can help them discover what they are interested in and is an excellent addition to a CV, college or university application.  

Learn more about coming to College while still at school. 

College is for the Adventurous  

The ones who are ready to start their journey.  

We are proud to support students who are just starting out, with an apprenticeship or course that can help them earn their trade, progress to university or start their career. With over 700 courses across 25 different subject areas, Edinburgh College is a great place to try something new. Students may know exactly what they want to do, or they might not have a clue! We recognise that the starting point is different for everyone and we’re here to support every student move on to a positive destination whether it's a university degree, full-time employment or starting a business.

College is for the Ambitious  

The ones who want to be next in line for that promotion.  

A lot of our students know exactly what they want and come to College to help them achieve it. Each year, we help many professionals in different work settings achieve their ambitions through our professional qualifications and training. Upskilling is a great addition to any CV or job application and can expand worker's knowledge and experience, helping them to perform better in their role or to progress to a new one.

We offer a range of qualifications that are accredited by professional bodies like the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), and many others. These are typically studied in the evening so our students can study while working towards that promotion. 

College is for the Daring

The ones who are ready to take their life in a new direction. 

For many people, returning to education can be life-changing. It can be challenging but many people find it’s one of the best things they could have ever done. We are in awe of our students who come to college later in life to retrain, start their studies after having a family or to do something that’s just for them.  

We offer lots of courses that are suitable for taking life in a new direction, with a range of subjects, study modes and support to help everyone achieve the future they want.  

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