27 June 2022

How many hours per week is a full-time course?

Are you considering a course at Edinburgh College? With over 700 courses across 25 different subject areas, there is something #foreveryone, whether you know exactly what you want to do or you’re still figuring it out. 

So, what does studying full-time at College really mean?  

If you can’t decide between a part-time or a full-time course, here are facts to help you choose! 

Studying full-time does not mean attending college five days a week. In fact, at Edinburgh College our full-time courses range between 15-20 hours a week depending on the type of course. Many of the courses we offer are suitable for taking life in a new direction, with a range of subjects, study modes and support to help everyone achieve the future they want.    

If you are looking to study:  

  • A National Qualification (NQ) and other non-advanced courses (from August – June) you will generally be required to attend approximately 20 hours/3.5 days per week for a year.  
  • A Higher National Certificate and Diploma (HNC/D) courses you will be required to attend college approximately 15 hours/3 days a week. Full-time HNC courses run for one year, and full-time HND courses run for two years. 

We also offer full-time courses starting in January which run for six months, as well as some short courses which could run for any time between eight and twelve weeks, and as short as three weeks. Studying full- time at college isn’t 9-5, Monday to Friday like you might expect!  

How to balance life and full-time studies 

Our top three tips to balancing full-time college and life are: 
Time management 
Being organised and keeping all your tasks in one place, through a written list, a digital list or both, and writing everything out and not trying to keep it all inside your brain can make a huge difference. Use the learning resource centres at lunchtime or after class, meet a classmate and work on projects together.  

Taking time for yourself 
It is important to make the most of your college days to free up your others for working and spending time with loved ones.  Learning to schedule in days to treat yourself at times throughout the week will help your overall wellbeing.  

Be focused 
Don’t forget the reason you’re attending college. Focus on your future goals and aspirations to help you make it through to your end goal.  

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