Clearing Event 2023

Clearing 2023

Exam Results Drop In Session

Friday 11 August 

11am - 2pm

Granton Campus

Reasons you might want to apply for a course through clearing.

  • The original application deadline has passed, and you have decided you want to apply to study starting in August 2023
  • You didn’t meet the conditions for the course you originally applied for
  • You have not received any offers after the first application deadline
  • You have changed your mind about the course you were planning to study

How will this clearing drop in session work?

The event can work in a few different ways, depending on your situation.

If you have not yet applied for a course, have not met your requirements, or are looking to switch from one Edinburgh College course to another.

For all of these options, the best thing to do is to come along to the drop-in session and bring your certificates with you.

Find us at Granton Campus