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08 March 2024

Bradley shows talent and skill as Automotive Spray Paint Apprentice

Automotive Spray Paint Apprentice Bradley Kenworthy is confidently showing his talent and skill in the automotive industry thanks to his time studying and working with Edinburgh College and Musselburgh Wagon.

Having come to Edinburgh in 2021, Bradley relocated from his hometown in Cornwall to study Level 5 Accident Paint Principles the College’s Sighthill Campus and pursue his ambition of becoming a Vehicle Paint Sprayer in Scotland.

Following a successful trial period, Bradley soon secured an apprenticeship with Musselburgh Wagon, where he quickly adjusted to the business’ needs with the valuable skills and knowledge he brought from the College, which allowed him to confidently tackle jobs to a high standard.

I would heavily recommend an apprenticeship. I've been here for two years now and I've enjoyed every minute of it. You meet good people along the way, you are paid, and at the end of the day, you've got a skill set that will last you for life. My apprenticeship will set me up for life. I'm hoping to stick in the trade for as long as possible and hopefully work my way up the ranks and maybe even have my own body shop someday or paint shop.
Bradley Kenworthy
From the very outset of his academic journey with us, Bradley demonstrated exceptional aptitude and commitment. His progression through the Level 5 paint programme proceeded seamlessly, free from any notable challenges. Recognising his exceptional capabilities, we embarked on a mission to secure an apprenticeship placement for Bradley.
Steven Frampton, Automotive lecturer
It didn't take long for us to recognise Brad's remarkable abilities in all aspects of the job. In a short time, he has become an indispensable asset to our business. He is now at a stage where he can confidently tackle significant jobs of any size and see them through to the end.
Bradley's employer, Musselburgh Wagon