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30 March 2023

College students snap up medals at return of national culinary event

A team of Edinburgh College students snapped up an impressive haul of medals at the return of a national culinary event in Glasgow earlier this month.

A group of 20 Professional Cookery students took part in this year’s ScotHot competition at the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) - testing their skills in timed conditions against peers and industry-based chefs from across the country.

The students picked up four silver medals and thirteen bronze medals across the Chicken for Sauté, Works in Chocolates, Fish Preparation, Afternoon Tea, Celebration Cake, and Junior Novelty Cake challenges.

In addition, College students won five Merit awards and two Participation awards to round off a fantastic performance.

This is the first time ScotHot, which usually takes place every two years, has taken place in nearly four years with the competition cancelled in 2021 due to the pandemic.

Professional Cookery curriculum team manager Stephanie Tanner said: “We’re delighted with our students who competed in this year’s ScotHot competition. It has been an amazing experience for them and to come away with so many medals is the icing on the cake – they have done Edinburgh College proud.

“ScotHot provides the perfect environment for our students to put the skills and experience they have learned as part of their course to the test which helps to build their confidence and set them up for a successful career in the industry.”

Full results here:

Fish Preparation 

Sally Greenshields - Bronze Medal

Ellie Doherty - Bronze Medal

Jack Garden - Bronze Medal

Oliwia Fechner - Bronze Medal

Kai Walker - Certificate of Merit

Ryan Burnett - Certificate of Participation


Chicken for Sauté 

James Currie - Silver Medal

Jack Garden - Silver Medal

Oliwia Fechner - Silver Medal

Kai Walker - Bronze Medal

Ellie Doherty - Bronze Medal

Robert Kubasik - Bronze Medal


Afternoon Tea 

Jae Hun Park - Bronze Medal

Renata Viachievatie - Bronze Medal

Christina Hindle – Bronze Medal


Celebration Cake 

Laura Wilson - Bronze Medal 


Young Chef of the Year 

Sophia Arguello - Certificate of Merit

Simon Perkins - Certificate of Participation


Works in Chocolates  

Jennifer White - Silver Medal

Maria Isabel Ruiz Gamez – Bronze Medal

Renata Viachievatie - Certificate of Merit 

Kassimali Mohammed - Certificate of Merit 


Junior Novelty Cake

Emma Hastings - Bronze Medal


Ptit Fours 

Ugaitz Errazkin Markinez - Certificate of Merit