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13 February 2023

National launch of the #LoveScotlandsColleges campaign

Colleges across Scotland are launching their annual #LoveScotlandsColleges campaign this week, in time for Valentine’s Day, and Edinburgh College is celebrating the vital role played by colleges right across the country.

The week-long campaign kicks off today, Monday 13 February, and will highlight the outstanding work of colleges throughout the country, showcasing all the important courses and training offered to Scotland’s workforce now, and the workforce of the future.

Inspired by the iconic ‘Love is…’ characters and comic strip created by New Zealand cartoonist Kim Casali in the 60s, the campaign will promote a theme for every day of the most romantic week of the year covering:

  • College Love is… Giving Back (Community) Monday 13 February
  • College Love is… Our Partners (Businesses, Industry, Elected Members) Valentine’s Day
  • College Love is… Learning (Fundamental reason for Colleges) Wednesday 15 February
  • College Love is… Our People (Students, Staff, Alumni) Thursday 16 February
  • College Love is… All You Need! (Encompassing everything) Friday 17 February

Created by CDN’s Marketing and Communications Network, this third annual collaborative campaign is supported right across Scotland’s 26 colleges. The campaign will highlight national and local examples of how colleges are supporting students, communities, businesses, staff and the economy.

Join the conversation - #LoveScotlandsColleges - and find out about the important work of Scotland’s colleges.

Download the #LoveScotlandsColleges campaign material here

After the great success of last year’s #LoveScotlandsColleges campaign, we’re delighted to hold our campaign around Valentine’s Day this year. Colleges are at the heart of their communities and year on year they are showing how much they care about the education, development and training of the people they serve. They are essential to nurturing the next generation of professionals, tradesmen and women and skilled, work-ready graduates, who will go on to help the Scottish economy grow in the years to come. This campaign is a celebration of all that the college sector does, and a way to shout about the fantastic, transformative work undertaken by colleges every day. Colleges help students achieve their future goals, regional economies to strengthen, and they are helping Scotland build a sustainable, net zero future. More recently, colleges up and down the country have been at the forefront of helping their communities through the cost of living crisis this winter by offering warm areas, free breakfasts for students and advice. The college sector loves to educate, support, upskill and train learners. What better time to show all that than around St Valentine’s Day. I can’t wait to see even more inspiring examples of what the sector does through the #LoveScotlandsColleges campaign.
Jim Metcalfe, Chief Executive, College Development Network (CDN)
Scotland’s colleges are without doubt the beating heart of post school education and training that makes this country a vibrant, exciting and innovative place to live and work. The growing industries Scotland has now from tourism and hospitality, to construction and healthcare, are all staffed by skilled college graduates who are supporting our economy and our communities. And industries set for future growth like e-sport, green energy generation and new forms of transport will flourish because of the contribution of colleges. It’s really important that we raise awareness of what our sector does so well through the #LoveScotlandsColleges campaign. I encourage everyone to share that love throughout this important week. When colleges thrive, Scotland thrives.
Shona Struthers, Chief Executive, Colleges Scotland
We’re delighted to be celebrating the #LoveScotlandsColleges campaign which is a fantastic way for our colleges to celebrate the wonderful work that goes on right across our sector. Colleges are vital in that we deliver world-class education and training which provides a pipeline of talent to ensure Scotland’s workforce has the skilled individuals it needs to help our economy grow. In addition, colleges are a civic anchor within their communities – we’ve seen that in how we have supported our students and localities through the Covid-19 pandemic and now the ongoing cost of living crisis. I’m immensely proud of the work of Scotland’s Colleges.
Audrey Cumberford, Edinburgh College Principal