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Photography Consent

Photography, video footage and sound recordings featuring identifiable individuals contain personal data. As an organisation that creates and commissions images and recordings of this nature, Edinburgh College is the Data Controller for this personal data. Our procedures are compliant with data protection regulations.  

Photography and Video footage are important for the college to promote our services. All staff, students, and stakeholders involved in photography or video activities related to Edinburgh College will be required to complete an ‘image release form’ to give consent.    

Your image consent is given to Edinburgh College and the Edinburgh College Development Trust who may use your images for:  

  • College publicity material, e.g. prospectus, posters, flyers, and other marketing materials to be circulated on a worldwide scale 
  • Local, national or international press in advertising/features relating to the college. 
  • The college website promoting college courses and services. 
  • College publicity videos and/or national or international television adverts and features. 
  • To promote the services of the Edinburgh College Development Trust via the website, printed materials or press activity. 

Consent Withdrawal 

You can withdraw consent at any time, preventing the use of the image in future marketing and communications activities. Please contact to withdraw your image consent. It must be noted that whilst we accept image consent withdrawals, any published material will not be recalled.  

Completed image release forms will be stored securely concerning data protection guidelines. 

Data Storage  

All photos or recordings which contain personal data will need to be treated in the same way as personal data held in other formats. They need to be kept securely and disposed of securely when no longer required, following our guidance on Data Security. 

Since photographs may reveal details of the subject's race and ethnic origin they are classified as Sensitive Personal Data. Generally, photographs should only be used and retained where strictly necessary. 

Our procedures do not apply to photography or video footage created by members of the Edinburgh College community or visitors for their private use on personal equipment. Therefore, Edinburgh College is not responsible for the data held on these recordings and is therefore not the data controller.