Care experienced
Edinburgh College is a proud Corporate Parent we take our responsibility to support care-experienced students very seriously. Our role includes supporting you through the college application process, ensuring you have a positive learning experience and providing support along the way. Your college experience will be the same as all the other students but with the offer of extra support to allow you to get the very best from Edinburgh College.


Care Experienced individuals may have been, or are currently in, the following situations:
  • Foster care
  • Living with another family.
  • Residential care
  • Living in a children’s unit.
  • Kinship care
  • Living with friends or relatives.
  • Care leaver
  • Someone leaving care or no longer in care, and under the age of 26.
  • At home
  • Living with parent(s), but with formal social work involvement

Disclosing on your application you are care-experienced allows us to contact you to tell you about the wide range of support we can offer, including:
  • Funding and how to apply for your Care - Experienced Bursary and other funding that you might be entitled to, including Childcare and Discretionary Funds
  • Insert link to funding section on website
  • Put you in touch with a member of staff who will be your key contact throughout your time at college
  • Discuss any learning support needs and assessment arrangements you might be entitled to, perhaps you had extra time and/or a reader for your exams in school
  • Let you know about the wide range of support available e.g. Wellbeing and Counselling services
  • The college has a very active Students Association, Edinburgh College Students Association (ECS) and they have a dedicated page for care-experienced students. You will be invited to join once you have enrolled on your course

For further information please contact the College t: 0131 669 4400 | Terms of use and disclaimer
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