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Guide to Password Recover on a Desktop PC Device

As a new student at Edinburgh College, you are required setup a password recovery method. The following guide is for those who use a desktop or laptop as their primary device.

1. Begin by opening your browser and navigating to

2. Enter your Edinburgh College email address.

This is the EC number supplied in your enrolment email, followed by (e.g.,

3. Press the ‘Next’ button

4. Enter your password.

For new students, your password is, changeme, followed by your date of birth, in the format changemeDDMMYYYY (e.g., changme05022001)

5. Press ‘Sign in’

You will now be presented with a screen saying that more information is required

6. Click the ‘Next’ button

If you do not have an Android or Apple smartphone, you may choose to authenticate using another method (then skip to Step 15). To continue with the Authenticator app, please continue to the next step.

7. Click the ‘Next’ button until you see a QR code on the screen

8. On your mobile, download the Microsoft Authenticator app from your app store

9. Once installed, open the Authenticator app and select, ‘Scan a QR code’. Please grant permissions for the app to use your camera and send you notifications if prompted

10. Scan the QR code shown on your computer’s screen

11. Click the ‘Next’ button on your computer

12. On your phone, approve the sign-in request.

Once approval has been received from your smartphone, you will be notified on the webpage

13. If you share your device with others, it is recommended to choose ‘No’ to not stay signed in. If you’re device is used only by you, please select ‘Yes’ to stay signed in

14. Click ‘Next’ on your computer

Confirmation of successful setup will be shown on screen. You should now take the time to add a secondary authentication method in the event that you lose, damage, or change your smartphone. Other methods include SMS text message, automated phone call, or email.

15. To add additional authentication methods, click, ‘+ Add method’

16. From the dropdown menu, select, Phone or Email.

17. Enter your personal phone number or email address as required. You will be sent a six-digit code to your selected method.

18. Enter the received six-digit code in the box when prompted, to verify that method.

19. If you wish, you can now change your preferred authentication method. Click the ‘Change’ link next to Default sign in method

You may edit or delete any of your registered methods. For example, if you get a new mobile phone number. Simply select ’Change’ or ‘Delete’ next to the method you’d like to edit or remove.