Fabio Scalici sitting on a red sofa at college.
12 February 2019

Photography Student Fabio Is Turning Their Hobby Into a Career

Twenty-two-year-old Fabio Scalici tells us how he’s turning his hobby into a career with the help of his HND Photography course.

“I originally moved to Scotland, after finishing high school in Italy, in a bid to improve my English. After working as an au pair for a while, I worked in a restaurant and coffee shop to practice my new language. Outside of work I spent most of my free time on my two passions – taking photographs and juggling. I wanted to turn my hobby into a career (and wasn’t looking to join the circus anytime soon) so chose to study Photography at Edinburgh College because of all of the opportunities the course offers.

“I’ve always enjoyed taking photographs and expressing myself through the lens and the images I capture. My course enables me to do that on a daily basis. It gives me practical experience and prepares me for working as a professional photographer. I was lucky enough to work on a real-life project with an experienced Edinburgh-based photographer through my course. I helped with proposals, ideas and direction for the project and got hands-on experience of what it takes to be a professional photographer in the city. The project involved working on an on-street photography exhibition as part of the Fringe Festival 2018.

Fabio Scalici sitting on a red sofa at college.

“The structure of the course is great. There’s a good balance between practical and theory which, mixed with my passion, gives me a rounded view of everything it takes to become a successful photographer. There’s a lot of freedom when it comes to interpreting the projects and my lecturers are really supportive. There is no right or wrong in photography, ideas are what matters. Being creative, expressing yourself and loving what you do are key to making it in the industry.

“Since starting the NC Photography course and progressing onto the HND, I now enjoy combining my two hobbies – photography and juggling – using my camera to capture images of people juggling. I’ve learnt the tools and techniques required to capture movement in a photograph.

“I want to progress onto the College’s BA Photography course and then get a job doing what I love – taking photos and capturing the world through my lens. Thanks to Edinburgh College I’m on the path to achieving this. Photography is more than just my hobby, it’s my career.