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06 June 2023

Robyn Taylor - CIPD Advanced Diploma in Strategic People Management

Robyn Taylor, People Advisor at Adarma Limited is studying a CIPD Advanced Diploma in Strategic People Management at Edinburgh College as part of her career development. We caught up with Robyn with some quick-fire questions about her College experience.  

Why did you decide to study at Edinburgh College?

Edinburgh College suited my learning style by holding weekly classes online which meant I was held accountable to keep up with my learning and also meant that I got to do it with the support of my classmates.

What are the key things you have learned so far in the course?

Time management and being kind to yourself are key. You need to plan the time when you can concentrate on your coursework and assignments and be honest with yourself when things are piling up. The lecturers have all been very accommodating around the challenges of fitting in the course so are happy to work with you to help you succeed.

How has the course helped you in your current role?

The course is very current and relevant so the topics we discuss on a weekly basis are directly related to what is happening in our workplaces presently. It is not like other courses I have done where the content is set, we always get a chance to relate back to what we are doing day to day which is important for us to be able to effectively implement our learning.

How has the experience of learning while working been? Has it been easy to manage with your job?

The experience of learning while working is undoubtedly challenging. It is a big commitment to take on a course at this level around busy work and personal lives. I think the College have helped to make this as easy as possible by allowing the course to continue online which means people can join the class from work or home and do not have to commit to the additional travel time to be there in person. The layout of the course also means that you know when your deadlines are which has made it easier to block out time that you need before hand-ins. As challenging as it can be at times, I’m very glad I made the decision to do the course through the College and not through a self-learning route.

Would you recommend the course to others?

Absolutely! For me, the classroom style learning has been pivotal. It is a busy course and fitting it in alongside work can be demanding but having set modules and deadlines as well as classmates for support is making the experience very enjoyable.

Do you have any messages for your lecturers?

Jenny has been fantastic at delivering the course in an engaging manner and has been a great support throughout. She is very approachable and knowledgeable and genuinely cares about the success of everyone in the class.

If you could describe your learning experience so far in three words, what would they be?

Engaging, rewarding and challenging (in a good way)!