Plants in pots next to a greenhouse.
14 May 2021

Bring Nature Indoors

Do you love nature, but live in the city or somewhere without a garden? Or do you miss being outside when the weather is bad? Why not try bringing nature indoors.

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, we spoke to Safeguarding team leader Kara Tait to get her top tips on how to bring nature indoors and help boost our mental health and wellbeing. 

Plants in pots next to a greenhouse.

You could:

  • Buy plants or flowers for your home or small balcony space.
  • Grow some herbs, small plants or flowers.
  • Collect natural outdoor materials such as stones, sticks and feathers and create some artwork for your home.
  • Take pictures of your favourite places or things in nature, print them and hang them around your home.
  • Create a comfortable seating space beside a window, where you can look outside and see your surroundings and nature.
  • During the warmer months open your windows and/or balcony doors and let the fresh air into your home.
  • Listen to the natural sounds of nature via an app i.e the sea, animals, birds or the rain.
  • Change your phone, laptop or computer screen saver background to a nature picture that makes you feel happy.

Learn more about Mental Health Awareness Week on the Mental Health Foundation's website.