Plants in pots next to a greenhouse.
30 April 2020

How to Keep Connected to Nature During Lockdown

Our Community Garden Coordinator, Severine, is here to help you keep connected to nature during lockdown. She has shared her tips and guidance on using your outdoor exercise time, what to do if you have to stay inside, and how to use your outside space.

Don’t forget to make use of your daily exercise time

  • Go outside for a walk, run or cycle - you don’t need to sweat heavily to exercise.
  • Explore your surrounding area during a daily walk.

When outside take pictures of nature, or a view that you like

  • Use your micro lens or zoom.
  • You can select one of your pictures every day to change your phone lock-screen or desktop background.
  • Share your best pictures on social media.
  • Use it for your bullet journal or any creative hobby.

If you need to stay inside

  • Open the window more often and as wide as possible. If you can give the window a good clean, it’s amazing the difference it can make in the natural light quality within a room.
  • Sit by the window especially when sun is shining. If your living space has several
    windows, follow the sun from one window to the other.
  • Make a reading, meditative or just nice space next to the window to chill.
  • Draw or record what you see and hear from your window.
  • Start a small growing project (herbs, salad leaves or even tomatoes).
  • Take care of your houseplant - supermarkets are still selling houseplants and flowers.

If you have a garden, balcony or terrace

  • Start a food growing project - you can find seeds in supermarket or order them online.
  • If you have children, give them their own wee space to grow food and experiment.
  • Make a habitat for the wildlife - bird feeders, bird houses, hedgehog shelter or feeding station.
  • Sow wild meadow to encourage wildlife and bees.
  • Install a reading corner in your outdoor space.

If you need some help, don’t hesitate to email Severine on

Keep Connected to Nature Guide