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01 March 2021

Top Tips for Picking Your College Course

At Edinburgh College, there are over 700 courses you can study so it may be a bit overwhelming when trying to decide what course is right for you, especially if you’re not sure about what your destination is and what pathway you will take. Read our blog for some tips to help you decide on a course that is right for you.

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Study something you enjoy

Unlike at school, at college you have more freedom to study a subject you enjoy. This is great as you will feel passionate about your learning and it will inspire you to keep going through any tougher parts of the course. 

When considering your options for college courses you should think about what you enjoy. Maybe there was a subject you loved at school? Or maybe you have a passion for something that you want to turn into a career? Has any volunteer work shaped the direction you want to take? Thinking about these things may lead you to the course that is right for you.

Allow yourself the opportunity to find your thing

While thinking about what you already like is a good starting point, college is an excellent opportunity to find out exactly what you are interested in without the commitment of a four-year university course. You could study a course part-time, full-time or as an evening class. The flexibility of college means that if your course isn’t the perfect fit, you can change it up after a year and still get a qualification once you complete that course.

Think about your dream job and work backwards

If you have a dream job in mind or are interested in working in a specific sector, work backwards from there. You could think about what qualifications or experience you may need to get that job or get started in that industry. Similarly, if there is a university degree you’ve always wanted to study, look at what the entry requirements are, and study a course at college that can help you get there.

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