Ecsa Sunflower Lanyard Scheme
20 November 2020

ECSA and Edinburgh College Join the Sunflower Lanyard Scheme

Edinburgh College Students’ Association (ECSA) and Edinburgh College have completed the sign-up process to the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower scheme.

Due to new challenges COVID-19 has brought when accessing services, and following student queries and feedback from students on the ECSA Virtual Campus, ECSA and the College have joined the scheme.

The sunflower lanyard or identification card allows us to recognise students with hidden disabilities, who for example might be exempt from wearing face masks, or who need assistance when accessing college services and facilities.

A hidden disability is a disability which may not be immediately obvious. Hidden disabilities don’t have physical signs and include learning difficulties, mental health as well as mobility, speech, visual or hearing impairments.

They can also include asthma, COPD, and other lung conditions as well as chronic illnesses such as renal failure, diabetes, and sleep disorders when those diseases significantly impact day-to-day life.

Living with these conditions can make daily life more demanding for many people. They affect each person in different ways and can be painful, exhausting, and isolating.

Without visible evidence of the hidden disability, it is frequently difficult for others to acknowledge the challenges faced and as a consequence, sympathy and understanding can often be in short supply.

There is no qualifying list of hidden disabilities.

If you have a hidden disability and feel that you would benefit from wearing a Hidden Disabilities Sunflower product, please do.

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower does not entitle you to anything other than that you have a hidden disability and that you may need some assistance, help, or a little more time.

As part of joining the scheme, Edinburgh College is committing to train staff on how to recognise the Sunflower scheme, ensuring they have a deeper understanding of hidden disabilities, and the confidence to approach and support those with hidden disabilities.

You can get a lanyard for free by filling in a quick collection form and will be able to pick it up during normal College hours from your specified campus the next day.

You can request a Sunflower Lanyard on ECSA's website.

If you would like to know more about Hidden Disabilities or the Sunflower Scheme, you can watch the Sunflower Lanyard Scheme training video.